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runZero Research Report: Vol. 1

An exploration into the state of asset security.

As a leading CAASM platform, runZero has a unique, insider’s perspective on the state of asset security. Our research team analyzed hundreds of enterprise networks, including internal infrastructure, internet-facing assets, and cloud environments.

We wanted to better understand today’s attack surfaces, exposure patterns, and emerging threats. Our research reveals alarming gaps and unexpected trends, including the decay of network segmentation, persistent challenges in attack surface management, and an increasing volume of dark matter on modern networks.

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Risky Biz Podcast, Episode 748: New cyber rules for US healthcare are coming
runZero's Director of Research, Rob King, joins to talk about the weird and wonderful delights in the new runZero Research Report.
runZero Hour: Episode 5
On this episode, the runZero Research team dives into some hot topics including the XZ Utils Backdoor (CVE-2024-3094) and expert analysis of the...
Securing OT/ICS Environments: Lessons from the Field
Watch this lively discussion on the latest OT and ICS security challenges and how they are being addressed in the field by OT security experts.
runZero Hour: Episode 4
The fourth episode of runZero Hour, featuring the latest insights, anecdotes, and observations from the runZero Research team.
Oil and Gas Upstream
Huxley Barbee discusses why and how cybersecurity for operational technology (OT) and industrial control systems (ICS) including oil and gas...
Risky Biz Interview: Breaking apart OT protocols
runZero's Rob King on the how and why of reverse engineering for active discovery
runZero Hour: Episode 3
Episode 3 of the runZero Hour webcast gave us a flavor of what it’s like to fingerprint OT protocols that aren’t as accessible if you aren’t part...
ExpedITioners Podcast: The modern divergence of environments and security methodologies
In this episode, Zach and Huxley talk about the modern divergence of environments and security methodologies.

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Risky Biz Podcast, Episode 651: How runZero helped customers with Log4Shell
This week’s sponsor interview is with HD Moore, the founder of [runZero]. We’re talking through what how he and his team helped customers respond...
Panther Labs: How asset discovery can help with detection and response
[Panther Labs] sat down with Chris Kirsch, CEO and co-founder of [runZero], and chatted about why covering the basics, like having a full inventory...
Detection at Scale Podcast, Episode 12: How Asset Discovery Can Help with Detection and Response
In this podcast episode, Jack Naglieri, CEO and Founder of Panther Labs sits down with Chris Kirsch and chats about why covering the basics is a...
Risky Biz Podcast, Episode 645: Integrations for cloud APIs and Censys
HD talks about some new tricks he’s added to the product, like integrations with cloud service APIs and external discovery products like Censys.
Smashing Security Podcast, Episode 246: Facebook has Fallen
Facebook suffers a massive (and very public) failure, Britain announces plans for counter-attacking nation states in cyberspace, and there’s a...
Easy Prey Podcast: Social Engineering and Pick-Pocketing
Gifted pick-pocketers can use social engineering skills to choose their victims. Many times as we travel, we may not realize that our body language...
Risky Biz Soap Box, Episode 55: Rumble and DCE/RPC party tricks
HD Moore talks Rumble and DCE/RPC party tricks
Tom Lawrence Reviews Rumble Network Discovery
Watch Tom Lawrence at Lawrence Systems give a flawless demo on Rumble (and make our job here in marketing a lot easier).
Shared Security Podcast: Asset Discovery
Chris Kirsch co-founder and chief revenue officer at Rumble joins us in our June monthly show to talk about how Rumble is solving the problem of...
Security Ledger: LGBTQ+Cyber – A Pride Month Conversation On Being Queer In Infosec
In this week’s episode of the podcast (#219) we speak with four cybersecurity professionals about what it means to be Queer in the industry.
Task Force 7: Meet Rumble
Our Co-Founder and CRO, Chris Kirsch, joins Task Force 7 to discuss the challenges organizations face as they try to build comprehensive asset...
The Tony Shap Show, Episode 72: HD Moore
Tony Shap and HD Moore talk on the The Tony Shap Show.
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