The Virtual CISO Podcast: If Your Asset Management Sucks, Your Security Sucks

Asset management is a crucial aspect of information security. It refers to the processes and procedures involved in identifying, organizing, tracking, and protecting an organization's assets. The security of these assets is paramount, as you can’t protect what you don’t know about.

To learn more about how to fix Cyber Asset Management, your host John Verry, sits down with Huxley Barbee, Security Evangelist at runZero, to discuss the importance of Asset Management, how it’s a critical component of any organization's security strategy and much more.

In this episode, Join us as we discuss the following:

• Definition of an asset—the answer is surprising

• Top reasons why so many orgs are failing Asset Management 101

• Critical innovations of a modern asset management solution

• Asset management in the cloud and what teams really need to focus on

• How asset management failures killed Equifax

Meet Our Speakers

Huxley Barbee

Former Security Evangelist

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