ExpedITioners Podcast: The modern divergence of environments and security methodologies

Today, we’re joined by Huxley Barbee, a security evangelist at RunZero and organizer of Bsides NYC. In this episode, Zach and Huxley talk about the modern divergence of environments and security methodologies.

Topics discussed:

  • Huxley’s start within the security industry.
  • Making the industry a better place for newcomers.
  • CAASM solutions.
  • Comprehensive security visibility.
  • Methodologies of collecting data (on the network).
  • How “network” terminology has evolved.
  • “Deperimeterization”.
  • Modern divergence of security environments and efforts of discovery.
  • The top 3 important components that help round out a security program.
  • Agent-based collection compared to network-based collection.
  • Organization of BSides NYC.

Meet Our Speakers

Huxley Barbee

Former Security Evangelist

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