A new kind of Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management.

Get eye-opening visibility across IT, OT, IoT, cloud, mobile & remote assets with zero unknowns.

runZero is the only cyber asset attack surface management (CAASM) solution that unifies proprietary active scanning, native passive discovery, and API integrations to deliver the most complete coverage across managed and unmanaged devices, including the full spectrum of IT, OT, IoT, cloud, mobile, and remote assets.

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“runZero is incredibly fast and gathers a wealth of information about your assets without needing to add credentials. You can’t protect what you don’t know and for the first time we actually know and are informed in real-time when something changes that exposes us to risk.”

Justin Varner | Distinguished Security Engineer | Sage AI Labs

A strong security program starts
with understanding your environment.

Discover assets across all environments.

With zero unknowns, you can finally rest assured you know what’s on your network.

runZero combines proprietary active scanning, native passive discovery, and integrations with your existing IT and security tools so you see absolutely everything on your network. It’s safe to use even on fragile IT and OT environments, giving you full confidence that you have visibility into both managed and unmanaged systems.

After flicking on the light switch for your network, you’ll see more information about more devices clearly. Automatically assign asset owners and share your new insights through integrations with CMDBs and SIEMs so that everyone has the same great visibility.

Manage risk & threat exposure.

With full visibility, you can make better and faster decisions to protect your network.

runZero gives you quick insights into which systems are missing critical security controls, such as EDR or MDM, and which systems are not covered by vulnerability management. See full device context of vulnerable systems to help you make informed decisions, fast. Automate alerts and responses for gaps that need to be addressed quickly.

When a new zero-day hits your inbox, you’ll be able to find potentially vulnerable systems on your internal and external attack surface in seconds without having to rescan the network, saving precious time as you roll out countermeasures.

Accelerate incident response.

Knowing asset and network context, you can close incidents faster with higher confidence.

runZero gives you the asset and network context you need to quickly triage and respond to security incidents where spotty data in the CMDB previously slowed you down. Quickly see accurate data on the hardware, operating system and services of a device, reach out to the asset owners on record, and understand pivot points into other network segments.

Once you have closed out an incident, runZero helps you find assets that exhibit the same traits as the compromised device, either to hunt for the same threats on other systems or to prevent future compromises using the same tactics.

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runZero is a cyber asset attack surface management solution that is the easiest way to get full asset inventory with actionable intelligence