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IT, OT, & IoT visibility with unmatched accuracy & depth — in just minutes.

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Active Scanning Passive Discovery API Integrations
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A New Kind of CAASM

Get complete visibility & uncover exposures in minutes — no agents, credentials, or hardware required.

runZero delivers the fastest, most complete security visibility possible across your assets and internal and external attack surfaces, so you can mitigate exposures before they can be compromised — and stay compliant.

The runZero Platform is the only CAASM (cyber asset attack surface management) solution that combines powerful proprietary active scanning, native passive discovery, and API integrations. Unifying these discovery approaches makes our platform unique in its ability to discover and provide accurate, detailed fingerprinting for all IT, OT, and IoT devices across on-prem, cloud, and remote environments. 

Intrigued? Keep reading to learn more or jump right into a fully-functional free trial.

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Three Powerful Approaches

Our unique combination of discovery approaches delivers the best depth & accuracy.

Proprietary Active Scanning

runZero's world-class active scanning technology delivers an unparalleled depth of data, discovering everything — including unknowns. Designed to creatively extract asset details that will exceed your expectations, runZero delivers superior, in-depth fingerprinting and insights into OSs, services, hardware, and installed software.

Native Passive Discovery
Our novel approach to passive discovery is more efficient, easier to implement, and delivers results faster than other approaches. It provides always-on discovery and coverage for fragile OT environments where active scanning is not permitted, leveraging the same detailed fingerprinting techniques as active scanning.

Pre-built API Integrations + Custom SDK
Integrations for leading cloud providers, EDRs, MDMs, and vuln scanners enable you to correlate data and enrich asset details to ensure you have a single source of truth across complex environments. Egress integrations minimize siloes and seamlessly integrate insights into existing workflows. And, a custom SDK ensures you can build your own integrations regardless of what's in your tech stack.

Detailed Tour

Take a deep dive into the runZero Platform.

Ready for more? This video provides an in-depth tour of the runZero Platform, with walkthroughs of key features and use cases. 

Security Visibility

Get complete, unified asset & attack surface visibility.

Our enterprise customers report that on average they find 25% more assets with runZero than they were previously aware of. runZero discovers all your IT, OT, IoT, and mobile assets everywhere: on-prem, in the cloud, and remote. We also help you uncover risky unknown assets and safely surface unknown networks. And that means you can finally take control over the chaos of distributed, dynamic environments.

Additionally, runZero helps you understand your internal and external attack surfaces, visualize network topology, and quickly spot segmentation issues that could pose risk.

icon-checkmark Discover IT, OT, & IoT in one unified platform

icon-checkmark Track cloud, on-prem, mobile, & remote assets

icon-checkmark Fingerprint every asset with unprecedented detail

icon-checkmark Quickly highlight missing security controls

icon-checkmark Uncover unknown devices and networks safely

icon-checkmark Visualize network topology & segmentation issues

icon-checkmark Get insights into your attack surface, from inside & out

icon-checkmark Assign owners and set coverage goals

Get astounding detail on every asset.
For security, it matters that a Linux device is an IP camera, not a laptop. runZero has proprietary fingerprinting capabilities that deliver in-depth details and insights into OSs, services, hardware, and more.
Identify unsanctioned services & see which protocols are in use.
Quickly see if a device is running telnet, SMBv1, or an unsanctioned web service. runZero discovers listening ports, protocols in use, and services to ensure you know what's running in your environment.
See what's running where & inventory your apps.
Good security hygiene includes keeping tabs on which applications are running on your assets. runZero can help you maintain a full catalog of software on managed devices and identify assets that are running software that has been deprecated.
Endpoint Protection
Close the gaps in EDR coverage & improve security controls.
Devices without endpoint protection are easy targets for attackers, so maximizing EDR coverage is a great way to improve your overall security posture. runZero identifies endpoints missing your endpoint detection and response solution so you can close the gaps.
Vulnerability Scanning
Ensure critical assets are scanned for vulnerabilities.
With runZero, you can easily see which assets are being missed by your vulnerability scanning solution to improve coverage — and compliance with regulations. 
Asset Ownership
Knows who's responsible for every asset.
Mapping asset ownership helps you quickly zero in on who can maintain, update, or deprecate an asset. runZero automatically updates asset ownership data so it's always current, accelerating response times and keeping you compliant.
Attack Surface Analysis
Understand your attack surfaces inside & out.
runZero enables you to see your attack surfaces through the lens of an adversary. Our Explorers™️ scan external perimeters to detect exposed devices and services, and provide the context you need to understand your overall attack surface exposure.
Network Insights
Visualize network topology & segmentation.
runZero provides an accurate and up-to-date view of your network topology and surfaces pivot points among subnets that could pose risks. The platform also shines a light on network segmentation issues, helping you achieve zero-trust goals and satisfy compliance requirements.
Unknown Subnets
Uncover unknown subnets safely & easily.

Unsanctioned subnets are hiding places where adversaries can lurk for an extended time while avoiding detection. runZero uncovers these risky unknown subnets so you can beat the attackers to the punch.

OT Support
Safely discover even the most fragile devices.

runZero offers visibility into fragile OT environments, through both active scanning and passive discovery. These capabilities have been purpose-built to address the challenges of OT environments, from improving the accuracy of fingerprinting to leveraging techniques that avoid disrupting fragile devices.

Data Unification
Aggregate, correlate, & de-dupe data from multiple sources.

runZero aggregates, correlates, and de-duplicates asset data from multiple tools, ensuring you have the most complete, accurate, and detailed inventory in one centralized system. You can finally say goodbye to spreadsheet hell and searching across multiple consoles.

Seamless Integration
Ensure your CMDB & SIEM are accurate.

runZero ensures your CMDB and SIEM are always up-to-date and accurate. Seamless egress integrations enable you to leverage runZero's data across your workflows to improve efficiency.

Exposure Mitigation

Quickly mitigate exposures & respond to 0-day threats.

runZero enables you to quickly find emerging threats in your environment without rescanning; we use the data we've already captured so you can immediately pinpoint any exposures simply by running a pre-built query. Additionally, we help you identify and prioritize risky assets and give you insights into outliers that don't resemble anything else on your network. 

94% of our enterprise customers report that runZero has helped them improve their overall security posture. We welcome the opportunity to improve yours, too.

icon-checkmark Quickly identify & prioritize risky assets

icon-checkmark Respond instantly to new threats via queries

icon-checkmark Perform automatic outlier analysis & scoring

icon-checkmark Manage end-of-life software removal

icon-checkmark Import & prioritize vulnerability data

icon-checkmark Create custom vulnerability checks

icon-checkmark Get started quickly with 100+ pre-built queries

0-Day Response
Instantly find 0-day threats without rescanning.

runZero relies on data we've already captured to help you quickly determine if you are impacted by 0-day threats. When new threats emerge, the runZero Research team is on the case, publishing insights and pre-built queries that can help you instantaneously identify vulnerable assets in your environment.

Vulnerability Prioritization
Prioritize the exposures that matter most.

It goes without saying.... you already have too many alerts. runZero helps you focus on what matters most by prioritizing vulnerabilities that impact your most valuable assets and those that represent the greatest risk. 

Outlier Identification
Perform automatic outlier analysis & scoring.

We've found a high correlation between outliers and risk. runZero knows what's on your network and can help you automatically surface the oddities. Based on our analysis, we assign each outlier a score so you can prioritize it accordingly.

Config Issues
Identify insecure configurations that need to be addressed.

runZero offers insight into insecure configurations that could be easily exploited by attackers. We help you identify issues like assets using expired certificates, SSH servers that allow passwords, and other common misconfigurations.

EOL Management
Spot risky end-of-life operating systems & aging devices.

Aging devices and end-of-life operating systems are common targets. runZero's deep fingerprinting capabilities ensure you can surface these types of risky assets and streamline off-boarding procedures.

Efficient Exposure Management
Find exposures quickly with 100+ pre-built queries.

runZero comes with a library of pre-built queries that provide immediate insights into exposures and actionable intelligence to help you quickly and proactively mitigate them before they can be compromised.

Risk & Compliance

Minimize regulatory & corporate compliance risk.

runZero helps you reduce compliance risk and satisfy common regulatory requirements for maintaining complete asset inventory, performing continuous attack surface monitoring, and managing vulnerabilities. 

Additionally, we've helped 90% of our enterprise customers close security controls gaps by providing insights into devices missing EDR and MDM agents, and gaps in vulnerability scanning.

icon-checkmark Achieve complete asset inventory

icon-checkmark Monitor attack surfaces continuously

icon-checkmark Close security controls gaps fast

icon-checkmark Verify proper network segmentation

icon-checkmark Perform diligence & assess M&A risk

icon-checkmark Simple self-hosting & offline-ready options

Accurate Inventory
Maintain a complete asset inventory.

CIS Controls, NIST CSF, BOD 23-01, NYDFS 500, and many other regulations require organizations to maintain a complete and accurate inventory of all assets in their environment. runZero puts this data at your fingertips.

Continuous Monitoring
Monitor your attack surfaces continously.

runZero helps satisfy requirements for continuous monitoring of your attack surface, providing real-time views into both your external attack perimeter and your internal attack surface.

Security Controls
Close coverage gaps for EDR, MDM, vuln scanning, & more.

Staying compliant means ensuring endpoints are protected with appropriate EDR and MDM solutions and that assets are regularly scanned for vulnerabilities. runZero helps you quickly identify any gaps so you can maximize coverage and reduce risk.

Network Insights
Verify proper network segmentation.

Regulatory requirements and zero-trust initiatives require ongoing verification of network segmentation to ensure it's done properly. (Plus, mistakes here come at a very high cost!) runZero delivers up-to-date network visibility and allows you to verify segmentation quickly and easily.

Quickly perfom due diligence & assess M&A risk.
runZero can help you quickly gain visibility into a target acquisition's attack surface, asset inventory, and overall security posture. We've helped customers reduce assessment times from weeks to literally a day, supporting better business agility and providing significant time savings.
Flexible Deployment
Choose from deployment options that satisfy compliance needs.
runZero offers multiple deployment options, so you can choose the one that is right for your organizational and regulatory requirements. With SaaS, self-hosted, and air-gapped options, we strive to offer our customers flexible options to meet their unique needs.

Results in Minutes

Fastest time to value with easy, low-cost deployment.

runZero delivers the fastest time to value of any CAASM, with no agents, credentials, or appliances required. You'll literally see results in minutes after activating your free trial.

The Platform can be deployed almost anywhere, with flexible SaaS and on-prem options — and even support for air-gapped environments. Additionally, runZero scales seamlessly to millions of devices without performance degradation or breaking the bank.

icon-checkmark No credentials needed to get started

icon-checkmark No agents, no network performance impact

icon-checkmark No appliances required

icon-checkmark Deploys nearly anywhere

icon-checkmark Easy, low-cost deployment process

icon-checkmark Starts delivering results in minutes

Unauthenticated Scanning
Discover your assets without credentials.
With runZero, you don't have to worry about rounding up credentials to get started. Our unauthenticated scanner starts delivering insights in just minutes, while also providing visibility into agent-less devices on your network that were previously unknown and unmanaged. And that's a win-win.
No Appliances or Agents
Forget about expensive appliances & endpoint agents.

Unlike other CAASM solutions, runZero doesn't require you to purchase expensive appliances or dedicated hardware, which often come with long deployment times. Additionally, we don't require endpoint agents and pride ourselves on ensuring we won't negatively impact network performance.

Deploy Your Way
Select SaaS or on-prem, & enjoy the ease of our Explorers.

runZero offers both SaaS and on-prem deployment options, including the ability to deploy in air-gapped environments. Additionally, our Explorers™️ can be installed on Windows, MacOS, Linux, or BSD, and are fast and easy to setup. Just curl or click to get started!

Learn more about the runZero Platform.

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Get complete visibility into IT, OT, & IoT — without agents, credentials, or hardware.

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