Breadcrumbs by Trace Labs, Episode 22: OSINT and Social Engineering

The best Social Engineers do a tremendous amount of research before engaging a target. As luck would have it, Tom Hocker, host of Breadcrumbs by Trace Labs, gets to speak with one of them on this episode! Tom and Chris talk about the pivotal role of OSINT in preparing for an SE engagement and also get a "peek behind the curtain" in relation to OSINT sources during a Social Engineering "capture the flag" style competition.

Chris Kirsch is the Co-Founder and Board Member of runZero, a cyber asset management company he co-founded with Metasploit creator HD Moore. Chris started his career at an InfoSec startup in Germany and has since worked for PGP, nCipher, Rapid7, and Veracode. He has a passion for OSINT and Social Engineering. In 2017, he earned the Black Badge for winning the Social Engineering capture the flag competition at DEF CON, the world’s largest hacker conference.

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Chris Kirsch


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