Unknown Assets are the Achilles Heel of Effective Cyber Defense — And Zero Trust

Achieving complete visibility across complex environments is at the crux of effective defense, as well as a core tenet of zero trust and compliance. Yet gaining an accurate inventory of all IT, OT, IoT, mobile, and remote assets has proven elusive for many organizations.

Existing solutions have failed to uncover risky unknown devices, which serve as easy footholds for attackers. Additionally, inventory is commonly spread across multiple siloed solutions that lack the correlation, detailed fingerprinting, and accuracy required to quickly assess risk and accelerate threat response.

Watch runZero executives for a discussion on how to:

  • Overcome gaps in visibility and zero-trust architectures that leave you exposed

  • Eliminate unknown assets on your networks with new discovery approaches

  • Capture high-fidelity asset fingerprints to improve your defenses

  • Achieve a dynamic, single source of truth quickly and without agents, credentials, or appliances

  • Accelerate response to modern threats like zero-days, APTs, and supply chain vulnerabilities

Meet Our Speakers

HD Moore

CEO and Co-Founder

Derek Burke

Federal Sales Engineer

Pete Allen

Federal Business Development

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