8th Layer Insights, Episode 25: Open Source Intelligence (OSINT): The Data We Leak

Over the past few years, there's been a lot of talk about the value of understanding Open Source Intelligence (OSINT). But, even with so much talk, relatively few cybersecurity professionals have had the time to take a deep dive into the topic. In this episode, Perry sits down with social engineer, OSINT investigator, and member of the OSINT Curious project, Christina Lekati to get an overview of the value of OSINT as well as some basic techniques. After that, we hear from Chris Kirsch (co-founder and CEO of runZero). Chris is a former black badge winner at DEF CON's social engineering competition and served as a judge in the most recent competition. He recently released an interesting report analyzing the top OSINT sources and vishing (voice phishing via phone) pretexts from that competition.

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Chris Kirsch


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