The Decibel Podcast: Shining the Light in Dark Places

HD Moore is the founder and CEO of Metasploit and runZero, two cybersecurity companies that are widely used to identify assets and vulnerabilities in corporate environments. On today’s episode, Jon Sakoda speaks with HD on growing up as one of the most famous cybersecurity hackers who had the courage to publish software vulnerabilities on the internet:

  • Need to Necessity - Diving in Dumpsters for Computer Parts [1:20-2:24] - HD Moore grew up poor and had to scrounge for computer parts in dumpsters. This motivated him to build his own computers and teach himself to code. Listen to how HD found his way into his first job as a DOD researcher as a teenager.
  • Open Source Keeps Me Out of Jail [09:12-12:54] - Metasploit was the first tool to publish exploits and vulnerabilities in public as an open source tool. This was very unpopular and controversial and HD’s wife maintained a “Get HD out of Jail” fund in case he was arrested or prosecuted. Listen to how HD’s resiliency and belief that sunlight is the best disinfectant ultimately led to a safer internet.
  • Creating Balance and Intensity as a Founder [23:16-26:58] - HD reflects on moments of health and personal challenges throughout his career as a founder. He now is very intentional about taking the needed time for himself. Listen to his words of wisdom and specific ways to carve out time for health and wellness.

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HD Moore

CEO and Co-Founder

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