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July 10, 2023   //   Interview

Asset management with HD Moore - Secure Correspondence podcast

Bryan Kissinger, CISO and SVP of Security Solutions for Trace3, chats with guest HD Moore about what’s new in asset management, his fascination with the discovery process and how that plays into asset management, what’s to come next in cybersecurity, and so much more!

June 27, 2023   //   Webinar

CMDB in 5 days webinar with runZero, 4me, and StreamLine Partners

Join Stefan Hull from 4me and Huxley Barbee from runZero to discuss leveraging runZero’s asset discovery capabilities alongside 4me’s complete service management platform to build a working CMDB in just five days. StreamLine Partners will round out the discussion with a live demo.

June 1, 2023   //   Interview

Building a great culture and rebranding with Chris Kirsch - CyberBytes

runZero CEO and Co-Founder Chris Kirsch tells Joseph Cooper, Co-Founder of Aspiron Search, his secrets to building a great culture within his business and shares some of the dos and don’ts when rebranding.

May 11, 2023   //   Interview

Having accurate asset inventory with Huxley Barbee - Security Confidential podcast

In this episode of Security Confidential host Rory Meikle talks to Huxley Barbee, a security evangelist at runZero about having an accurate asset inventory.

April 11, 2023   //   Interview

Asset management: foundational to cybersecurity - SecurityMetrics podcast

In our industry, it’s a given that you can’t protect what you’re unaware of. However, creating a complete asset inventory is often trickier than it appears. Chris Kirsch, CEO of runZero, discusses this with Host and Principal Security Analyst Jen Stone (MCIS, CISSP, CISA, QSA).

November 22, 2022   //   Review

In-depth network discovery made easy using runZero

In this video, Tom Lawrence reviews the advanced network discovery features of runZero.

October 20, 2022   //   Interview

How to contextualize honeypot alerts automatically

Manually contextualizing honeypot alerts is a time consuming process. Justin’s solution automates triaging with GreyNoise, discovering the offending device with runZero, and consolidating data from all three sources into a single record in the runZero console.

August 25, 2022   //   Interview

The evolution of network scanning with HD Moore and Gordon Lyon

With 2022 marking the 25th anniversary of Nmap, runZero hosted a moderated conversation between security industry legends, HD Moore and Gordon “Fyodor” Lyon.