ITSPmagazine Podcast: It's Difficult To Secure The Invisible - Reinventing Asset Management For Modern Tech Challenges

In this Their Story podcast on ITSPmagazine, Huxley Barbee delves into the world of InfoSec and asset management, discussing the importance of having a full asset inventory and how his company, runZero, addresses this challenge with a cyber asset attack surface management solution.

Founders HD Moore and Chris Kirsch identified the need for better tooling as security teams' scopes expanded beyond managing traditional IT devices to securing IoT and OT devices across various environments. runZero helps organizations understand gaps in security controls coverage, identify potentially vulnerable devices in the face of zero-day threats, and more.

Huxley Barbee explains that a full asset inventory, including asset details like location within the network, device function, and business context, can assist in determining which vulnerabilities or misconfigurations need immediate attention. Huxley highlights the delicate process of gathering information on devices and the importance of incremental fingerprinting, particularly in OT environments and those with often-unmanaged IoT devices.

The trio also cover the business side, discussing the typical clients for runZero and the mindset shift required to realize that existing asset discovery tools may not be sufficient. They discuss the collaboration between IT, OT, and security teams, emphasizing that having a full cyber asset inventory beyond the traditional IT asset inventory can help reduce remediation time and improve overall business decision-making.

Tune in to this episode to learn more about runZero's modern approach to asset management, the crucial role of visibility in addressing security challenges, and how a robust asset inventory by runZero can help businesses leaders and security practitioners make better decisions.

Meet Our Speakers

Huxley Barbee

Former Security Evangelist

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