Zero in on every asset on your network

Get unmatched visibility and insights into every asset connected to your network. Discover how runZero delivers the data and context you need to effectively manage and secure assets across your environment.

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How runZero helps with cyber asset management

Discover your entire infrastructure

Find all managed and unmanaged assets on any network–corporate, cloud, or home–and in any infrastructure, IT or OT.

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Know your local, cloud, and remote assets

Spend less time searching for assets. Instantly get detailed information and context about assets in your inventory.

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Get ahead of security risks

Run queries and reports to identify misconfigurations, rogue devices, and outliers on your network.

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Stay on top of changes

Set up dashboards and alerts for issues that are critical to maintaining operational and security hygiene.

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Why choose runZero

Quickly deploy runZero anywhere, on any platform, in minutes

The runZero Explorer is a lightweight discovery engine that requires no agents, endpoint logins, traffic captures, netflows, span ports, or network taps. Choose the Explorer and console deployments that work for you: SaaS or self-hosted.

Get the most accurate data about any asset on your network

runZero provides critical context and data needed by incident response and security teams to accelerate decision making. Never wonder what an IP address is ever again. Instantly search your inventory for answers.

Use runZero as a standalone or with other IT & security solutions

Enrich runZero asset inventory with data from other IT and security solutions, like CMDBs, MDMs, and EDRs. Integrate runZero with your existing technology stack to achieve greater visibility of assets and services across your network.

Presidio deploys runZero for greater visibility across their internal and client networks

Customer story

Presidio deploys runZero for greater visibility across their internal and client networks

With runZero, Presidio has been able eliminate spreadsheets and reduce the amount of time spent collecting client data. Now, they can focus solely on delivering outcomes for their clients.

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runZero is a network discovery and asset inventory platform that uncovers every network in use and identifies every device connected–without credentials.

Scan your network and build your asset inventory in minutes.