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runZero is a comprehensive cyber asset management solution with the fastest and easiest way to full asset inventory.

Set a strong foundation in your security program with runZero. Gain essential visibility and insights for every asset connected to your network – get started in minutes.

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Cyber asset management use cases

Many organizations don't know what assets are on their networks. Corporate acquisitions, cloud sprawl and OT environments make this even more complicated. You can’t protect what you don’t know about.

Without a comprehensive and timely asset inventory, teams will remain stuck where they are today, playing a perpetual game of catch-up as they only discover unmanaged devices after compromise.

As device connectivity increases, organizations and consultants face expanding attack surfaces, making a cyber asset attack surface management (CAASM) solution crucial.

When zero-day vulnerabilities and breaches occur, IT and security teams need tools at their fingertips to quickly get back on their feet and better prepare for future attacks. Consultants similarly require these tools to support their customers.

Why choose runZero

API integrations

Supported and community integrations

Obtain both a wide and deep understanding of your assets.

runZero combines its active scanning with numerous API integrations to enrich your asset data. Integrate runZero with your existing technology stack to achieve greater visibility of assets and services across your network.

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Customer story

Presidio deploys runZero for greater visibility across their internal and client networks

With runZero, Presidio has been able eliminate spreadsheets and reduce the amount of time spent collecting client data. Now, they can focus solely on delivering outcomes for their clients.

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runZero is a cyber asset management solution that is the easiest way to get full asset inventory with actionable intelligence