Automated MSI deployments

runZero uses dynamically generated binaries for the runZero Explorer downloads and this doesn’t always play well with MSI-based installation methods.

To work around this issue, we have provided a shim MSI package that can be used with automated installers. This package has a valid Authenticode signature and can also be verified using the runZero Verifier.

Note: Some components of the application still reference the name "Rumble" for backwards compatibility. The documentation will be updated as these are changed.

To use this package, deploy it with the URL parameter specified as the organization-specific download URL from the runZero Console Explorers section.

msiexec /i rumble-explorer-installer-amd64.msi URL=

Note: the above command should be entered as one long line with a single URL parameter, but is shown wrapped here.

The MSI shim will verify that the URL contains a valid runZero Explorer binary and install it normally.

Warning: Note that installing with the /a parameter will not work and /i must be used instead.

Binary downloads

Build SHA256
runZero Explorer Installer MSI x86 64-bit sha-256
runZero Explorer Installer MSI x86 32-bit sha-256