Managing tasks

You can view and manage discovery scans and other background actions from the Tasks overview page. The Active and Completed task sections will show standard tasks, such as scans and imports, along with their current progress and summarized results. You can search or filter the tasks using different attributes.


Tabs on the Tasks overview page allow you to view a filtered subset of active, processing, scheduled, failed, completed, or recurring tasks. Each tab includes a search bar so that you can search your complete task history.

  • Active shows all tasks currently scanning or connecting
  • Processing shows all tasks currently processing
  • Scheduled shows all non recurring tasks that are scheduled to run
  • Failed includes all tasks that were unable to finish due to an error or cancellation
  • Completed lists all completed tasks in chronological order based on when the task finished processing
  • Recurring shows all recurring tasks

Task details

Clicking on a task will open a card at the top of the page with details. The concentric circles show the progress of the task, with the outer circle tracking the scan or connection progress and the inner circle tracking the processing progress. The card also includes relevant timestamps and user creation data, as well as site, Explorer, and hosted zone settings. Completed tasks will also include the change summary, and recurring tasks will include a list of past runs.

Scheduled tasks

Scheduled tasks are one-off actions that will be started in the future, while recurring tasks are actions that happen on a regular basis. Recurring scan tasks generate a new standard task on each iteration of their schedule. Both scheduled and recurring scans will only launch if their associated Explorer is online and no other scan tasks are running.

The Tasks page allows Scheduled and Recurring tasks to be removed and Active tasks to be stopped. Please note that stopping an active Scan task may take a few moments, as the status of the task is not updated until the Explorer confirms that the scan was terminated.

System tasks

runZero has system tasks that you may notice while searching through your tasks. Here are some examples you might see:

  • Report-based: a few reports will create tasks when initialized, including:
    • Organization overview report
    • Site and organization comparison
    • External assets report
  • Outlier calculation: this generates the outlier score seen in the asset details page and will show up with the name Outlier calculation
  • Query: all queries that are pinned to the Dashboard as Insights will show up with the name Query