Touring the dashboard

The dashboard is the standard visual view into your asset inventory. The dashboard has four sections that show operational information, trends, insights, and most and least seen graphs. You can filter this information based on sites and time buckets based on your needs.

Operational information

  • Live assets: number of assets currently alive based on the latest scans
  • Active scans: number of scans currently in progress
  • Explorers online: number of Explorers reporting as healthy
  • Accounts: number of users with access to your console
  • Asset trends: timeline view of asset counts broken out by live, recent, and a couple other states
  • Service trends: timeline view of network services seen in your environment


  • Latest insights: automated queries that were ran after your latest scan with result counts

Most and least seen graphs

A variety of asset views by different asset properties. All of these graphs can be toggled between most and least seen based on the counts.

  • Asset types
  • Operating systems
  • Hardware
  • RRT latency
  • MAC vendors
  • Newest MAC age
  • TCP ports
  • UDP ports
  • Products
  • Protocols
  • Address count
  • Extra address count
  • Tags
  • Sources