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runZero delivers the fastest, most complete security visibility possible across your assets and internal and external attack surfaces, so you can mitigate exposures before they can be compromised — and stay compliant. Explore how runZero can help you address specific challenges and use cases with our interactive demos.

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Achieve unmatched depth & accuracy in asset visibility, across IT, OT, IoT, cloud & mobile.

Want to build a strong security program? The first step is knowing what's connected to your network and getting an accurate inventory of every asset — including in-depth details and context. runZero arms security teams with this information, empowering them to make informed decisions, proactively improve security posture, and accelerate their response times.

Use Case

Assign & track asset ownership quickly & easily.

Knowing who is responsible for an asset can be just as important as knowing what an asset is. Mapping asset ownership helps organizations quickly zero in on who can help maintain, update, or deprecate an asset. Additionally, asset ownership is also required to comply with some industry regulations.

Use Case

Accelerate incident response.

When a security incident occurs, you need to act quickly. The longer it takes security analysts and incident responders to detect, find, and investigate an attack, the more time intruders have to identify and steal sensitive data. Having an up-to-date cyber asset inventory accelerates response times by providing full asset details on-demand.

Use Case

Respond instantly to emerging threats & uncover risky assets.

runZero helps you quickly identify devices, services, and configurations that pose risk, so you can mitigate exposures before they can be compromised. We'll help you find assets that might be impacted by 0-day threats without rescanning your environment. We'll also help you uncover issues like devices running end-of-life OSes, allowing for SMBv1, or that are unintentionally exposed to the public internet.

Use Case

Find & fix security controls gaps.

Endpoint protection is critical to protect against exploits, malware, and ransomware. But finding devices that don’t have agents can be time-intensive and challenging. runZero uncovers assets that don't have endpoint coverage, as well as those that are being missed by your vulnerability scans. Closing these gaps not only improves your security posture, but also helps you comply with industry regulations requiring security controls to be maintained and verified.

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