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Celebrating Women’s History Month with trailblazers & innovators
March 26, 2024
It’s Women’s History Month! runZero is celebrating all month long by highlighting innovative women who have been technological trailblazers.
runZero Insights
Top 8 Podcasts Picks of 2023: Navigating the Cybersecurity Soundscape
December 22, 2023
Here are our top eight cybersecurity podcast episodes for your holiday podcast playlist to kick back and listen to while you sip on some eggnog.

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runZero Insights
runZero’s week at RSA 2023 killer robots, time machines, and natural disasters
May 12, 2023
Watch Chris Kirsch chat with Chris Nickerson, then Roger Rustad to talk pentesting “war stories”, and how runZero has helped the Fortinet team.
runZero Insights
Pride Opinion Why diversity is a competitive advantage
June 17, 2022
In my last post, I talked about why LGBTQIA+ visibility matters. In this post, I thought I would share my thoughts on why diversity in the...
runZero Insights
Pride Opinion Why LGBTQIA+ visibility matters
June 3, 2022
Why LGBTQIA+ visibility matters # Every pride month, I see social media postings asking why there isn’t a straight month as well. I never assume...
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