Life at runZero

Life at runZero
Employee Spotlight: Nikki Milum
July 16, 2024
Nikki Milum is our stellar Senior People Operations Partner! Read on to learn more about why Nikki thinks runZero is different than any place she’s...
Life at runZero
Employee Spotlight: James McNulty
April 29, 2024
James is our dynamic Growth Marketing Manager! Read on to learn about James' journey on the Marketing team at runZero!

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Life at runZero
Employee Spotlight: Andrew Click-Horn
January 31, 2024
Andrew Click-Horn is our versatile software engineer, whose philosophy on flexibility extends beyond the realm of coding and into his personal life.
Life at runZero
The Quest for Yeti
December 19, 2023
Meet the newest rockstar on our squad: Zeti, the runZero Yeti! 🎉 This sub-zero hero is now our official mascot, and we’re excited to give you the...
Life at runZero
Employee Spotlight: Carter Middleton
October 30, 2023
Carter Middleton is an indispensable Mid-Market Account Executive! Carter's commitment to continuous learning and genuine interest in understanding...
Life at runZero
Employee Spotlight: Ashley Tranfaglia
August 28, 2023
Ashley Tranfaglia is our tenacious channel account manager! She supports our channel partners and plays an integral role in growing our channel...
Life at runZero
Employee Spotlight: Chris Benjamin
July 13, 2023
Chris is an animal lover, community volunteer, and horror genre enthusiast. She enjoys spending quality time with her children, husband, and...
Life at runZero
Employee Spotlight: Ali Cheikh
June 27, 2023
Ali is a talented Sales Engineer with over 14 years of experience in the field. Learn more about what Ali had to say about working for runZero.
Life at runZero
How to create cultural values for your company
January 31, 2023
From kindness, to transparency, to staying fully remote, runZero created a workplace that puts employees first. Read more to discover how we...
Life at runZero
Why we chose to be a fully remote company (and how we make it work)
January 24, 2023
For many companies, remote work is here to stay. At runZero, we pushed ourselves to think about how we can build a remote culture the right way....
Life at runZero
Creating a culture of transparency
January 17, 2023
Open and honest dialogue is the cornerstone of any healthy team. Carrying out transparency in everything we do creates deeper connections between...
Life at runZero
Fostering a culture of kindness at runZero
January 9, 2023
A kind, fair, and just culture sets a strong foundation for employees to feel secure in their environment which increases productivity. Learn how...
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