Join the runZero Trusted Advisor Program.

runZero is a valuable tool for consultants performing project-based services who need short-term visibility into client environments. And, of course, we appreciate the referrals from our consulting partners who champion the value of runZero to their clients. That's why we created the runZero Trusted Advisor Program.

Membership in the program includes access to the new runZero Platform, Consulting Edition at no charge. The Consulting Edition is fully functional, with a few important limitations designed for project-based work that are noted below.

Please scroll down to review eligibility requirements before completing the form.

Who's eligible?

  • You must work for a consulting firm providing project-based services to external clients on a regular basis.
  • A significant portion of your client base must be organizations with more than 500 employees.

Please note: the Trusted Advisor Program is designed for independent consultants and consulting firms, and is separate from our commercial options for internal red teams, MSPs/MSSPs, and channel partners.

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How does the Consulting Edition license differ from the standard runZero Platform license?

  • Only includes projects, no organizations
  • Data is limited to 30 days read/write, deletes after 90 days
  • Limited to 50,000 project assets
  • Does not include the CLI scanner, self-hosting, the Organization API, or Account API

If you meet the criteria above and this license is a good match for your needs, we'd love to chat! Please complete the form and we'll be in touch soon.

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