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Celebrate the launch of our first runZero Research Report!

Wednesday, May 8th | 10:30am - 11:30am PT

Our CEO and Founder, HD Moore, and Director of Research, Rob King, will be onsite at RSAC 2024 to discuss the highlights of their new research, sharing incredible insights derived from analyzing millions of assets with the first-ever runZero Research Report. Dive down some fun security rabbit holes, unpack the novel findings, and then pepper our research team with all your questions live and in-person. We'll also have some fun commemorative swag, snacks, and plenty of coffee on hand – we hope you'll join us!

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runZero Hour: Episode 5
On this episode, the runZero Research team dives into some hot topics including the XZ Utils Backdoor (CVE-2024-3094) and expert analysis of the...
Securing OT/ICS Environments: Lessons from the Field
Watch this lively discussion on the latest OT and ICS security challenges and how they are being addressed in the field by OT security experts.
runZero Hour: Episode 4
The fourth episode of runZero Hour, featuring the latest insights, anecdotes, and observations from the runZero Research team.
Oil and Gas Upstream
Huxley Barbee discusses why and how cybersecurity for operational technology (OT) and industrial control systems (ICS) including oil and gas...
Risky Biz Interview: Breaking apart OT protocols
runZero's Rob King on the how and why of reverse engineering for active discovery
runZero Hour: Episode 3
Episode 3 of the runZero Hour webcast gave us a flavor of what it’s like to fingerprint OT protocols that aren’t as accessible if you aren’t part...
ExpedITioners Podcast: The modern divergence of environments and security methodologies
In this episode, Zach and Huxley talk about the modern divergence of environments and security methodologies.
Infosec Toolshed: Metasploit: Why did he do it?
Every top 10 list of security tools includes Metasploit. But how did the project get started?

Latest Resources

Risky Biz Podcast, Episode 620: Project Zero Burns Western Counterterrorism Operation
Metasploit creator and Rumble.run founder HD Moore will join us to talk all about his new venture, the Rumble asset discovery tool.
SentinelOne Hack Chat: HD Moore
In this episode of Hack Chat, we discuss what it takes to become good at hacking, and delve into his newest business venture—Rumble.
Security Weekly: Network Discovery & IT Asset Inventory
HD walks through some visualizations of public IP networks (all of Greece, Iceland, etc.) and highlight the weird and unexpected stuff you can find...
BarCode Podcast: Rumble with HD Moore
HD Moore, famed developer of the wildly used Metasploit penetration testing tool spoke with me about his current focus, RUMBLE, in addition to his...
Software Engineering Daily: Network Discovery with HD Moore
HD joins the show to talk about how network discovery works and his experience building Rumble.
Cyphercon, Episode 41: Dumpster Diving with HD Moore
Kyle and HD talk about HD’s youth spent dumpster diving for computer parts and how those early days tinkering and building influenced the creation...
Cyber Security Interviews: The New Normal with HD Moore
In this episode, HD discusses starting with BBSs back in the day, the Metasploit project, project Sonar, Rumble, and much more.
EkoPodcast: Live Chat with HD Moore
A sit down with none other than HD Moore, founder of the Metasploit project and current CEO and founder of Rumble, a network discovery platform.
The Infosec & OSINT Show: Advanced Asset Inventory Techniques
This week HD Moore is on the show. We focused on asset identification.
IT Harvest Podcast: IoT is Driving a New Era of Network Discovery
Richard Stiennon sits down with HD Moore to discuss the Rumble Network Discovery platform.
InfoSec Campus: SecTools Podcast with HD Moore
HD founded Critical Research to address a long-standing need for better network discovery tools. Currently, his research is focused on asset...
Duo Tech Talk 2019: HD Moore on Modern Network Discovery
Presentation at Duo Tech Talks on December 5th, 2019 in Austin, Texas.
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