Rumble Network Discovery is now runZero!

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It feels so good to be able to finally share the news with everyone! We have been busy reimagining, designing, and building our new brand, and we are excited to be able to unveil it to you today.

Introducing runZero

The big decision #

The decision to rebrand was tough. We have spent the last few years building our identity around Rumble. If you’ve kept up with our releases, you’ve seen all the new product features and improvements every release–from unparalleled fingerprinting to robust integrations with MDM, EDR, VM, and Cloud providers. Our new brand gives us more room to continue to grow and expand our platform in the future.

Our CTO and Co-Founder, HD Moore, chose the name Rumble because it meant “to figure out” and “to discover.” Rumble was the perfect name for us at the time, but we’ve outgrown it. Each new integration we’ve added has extended Rumble’s capabilities beyond discovery, by enriching asset data and uncovering coverage gaps in other IT and security tools.

Our last major version release, Rumble 2.0, was coincidentally when we launched the most recent version of our website and brand. As we thought ahead to our next major product release, we knew we wanted to also evolve our brand.

The rundown on runZero #

What does runZero even mean? To us, runZero captures the outcomes we want you to have: zero barriers for deployment and zero unknowns on your network. runZero continues our mission of making asset inventory easy, fast, and accurate, while giving us runway to grow our platform. We’re still the same company, with the same people and mission; we just have a new name and look.

For our new visual identity, we decided to tackle the work in-house. We selected everything: the logo, typography, photography, and colors. You’ll start noticing these changes across our website, product design, social media, and communications.

As of right now, everything will continue to work as usual. We’ll reach out to anyone who may be impacted by any changes. You will have plenty of time to take any required migration steps. If you have questions, check out the runZero rebrand FAQs. You can also contact us.

Countdown to runZero 3.0 #

runZero 3.0 launches today. Log in to your console to check out the new Qualys integration (plus many other enhancements) and explore the new product UI. We hope you enjoy our new look!

The new runZero UI

As we embark on this next chapter, we want to acknowledge our amazing community. Your continued support has helped us learn and grow so much as a company. We are grateful to every person who has given Rumble a try, amplified our story, and brought us into their network.

Thank you!

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