Amber Lee

Former Director of Product Management

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Product Release
runZero 3.10 New integrations page, UX improvements, Black Hat 2023!
What’s new in runZero 3.10? Integrations page and menu updates, a redesigned Explorer detail page, and a peek at what’s coming soon!
Product Release
runZero 3.9 Set measurable goals, find urgent issues, and preview of Attack Surface Management!
What’s new in runZero 3.9? Tracking goal progress, preview of Attack Surface Management, and new Rapid Responses!
Product Release
runZero 3.8 Identify and triage your riskiest assets, track goals, identify even more things, and delete your password
What’s new in runZero 3.8? Identify and triage risky asset, public preview of goal tracking, protocol improvements, new and improved fingerprints,...
Product Release
runZero 3.7 Custom integrations and SDK
What’s new in runZero 3.7? Custom integrations and the Python SDK, ServiceNow Service Graph Connector for runZero, protocol improvements, and new...
Product Release
runZero 3.6 Introducing organizational hierarchies
What’s new in runZero 3.6? Organization hierarchies, CrowdStrike integration improvements, operating system CPE assignment, new protocols and...
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