Abeer Khalaf

Product Designer

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About Abeer Khalaf

Abeer Khalaf is the UX designer at runZero, She has been in the design field for over 15 years, a heavy focus on user experience design and interaction. In recent years she has begun to explore and design for products in the tech world. Understanding the connection between user and product, and how such tools , like runZero, make an impact on a users everyday life.

Latest Stories

Life at runZero
What I've learned working at runZero as a UX/UI designer
Hello, I’m Abeer, the lead UX/UI designer at runZero. When I joined the company a little over a year ago, I knew almost nothing about networking....
Life at runZero
Zeroing in on our logo and product design
Our big announcement is finally out: Rumble is now runZero! Along with a new company name, we wanted to refresh our look as well. We’re talking...
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