The runZero Preview Program is organized by our product team to provide access to certain features before general availability (GA). Access to private preview features is invite-only, and is generally based on customer request and product usage. Access to public preview features is granted to all customers for evaluation and feedback.


Who can participate?

Our private previews are invite-only for customers who have requested similar features or functionality, while our public previews are open to all customers as an opt-in or evaluation feature within runZero. We will provide guidance on using the preview functionality, as well as some key questions about the feedback we are hoping to receive from you.

How long is a feature in preview for?

Our feature previews can last anywhere from two weeks to two months from preview feature deployment to feedback completion.

Will I continue to have access to the feature following completion of the preview period?

Preview features will go to GA shortly after the evaluation period ends - while the functionality may change slightly, access to the feature will be continuous. Some preview features may be part of a new package or product within runZero. If that is the case, we will let you know before the preview begins and your Account Executive will work with you during the preview period to provide pricing should you wish to continue using the functionality once it ends.

Are preview features confidential?

We ask that you not discuss these features outside of your team and company until they have been formally released by runZero. Please do not blog, post screenshots, tweet, or otherwise share information about the preview feature during the process.

Do I have to pay to participate in the preview?

There is no charge to participate in the preview program. We appreciate your time and feedback on our new features!

How do I provide my feedback?

The product team will provide a form with questions applicable to the features you are testing for runZero.

Do I receive compensation for participating in the preview?

All preview testing is voluntary and there is no compensation. You will, however, have our gratitude and appreciation!

How will you use my feedback?

We will analyze the feedback provided by all preview testers to find immediate improvements and plan future improvements based on the frequency of a request and feasibility.

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