Network discovery and asset inventory leader Rumble announces $15M Series A led by Decibel Partners

Rumble grows user base by 3x, customer base by 4x, and ARR by 5x #

Austin, Texas - March 14, 2022 - Rumble, a global leader in network discovery and asset inventory, today announced a new round of Series A funding of $15 million. This round of funding, led by Decibel Partners along with participation from new and existing investors, will help Rumble accelerate their go-to-market and engineering initiatives.

“Even though network discovery and asset inventory is a critical requirement for many IT and security programs, most organizations still don’t have complete visibility into the networks they use, much less every device and software application connected to them,” says Jon Sakoda, Founding Partner at Decibel. “Rumble is solving that problem, and they’re seeing a tremendous response from their customers who are finally getting the visibility they need to secure and protect their cloud and on-prem environments. We look forward to continuing to partner with Rumble as they scale their team and invest in their technology.”

Along with Decibel, participation from several new and existing investors include Andrew Peterson (Founder and CEO of Signal Sciences), Ash Devata (former Chief Product Officer of Duo Security), Chenxi Wang (Managing General Partner at Rain Capital), Chris Nickerson (Founder of LARES), Christian Kanja (Founder and CEO at glueckkanja-gab), David Eckstein (CFO of Menlo Security), David Schneider (former President of ServiceNow), Felix Storm (Partner and Technology Lead at glueckkanja-gab), Gordon Lyon (Founder of Nmap and Npcap), Jack Naglieri (Founder and CEO of Panther Labs), Jim Cyb (former CRO of Duo Security), Jon Oberheide (Co-Founder of Duo Security), Michael Sutton (Founder of StoneMill Ventures), Nir Polak (Co-Founder and Executive Chairman Exabeam), Oliver Friedrichs (former CEO and Founder of Phantom Cyber), Paul DiMarzo (former CFO of Duo Security), Rishi Bhargava (Co-Founder of Demisto), and Slavik Markovich (Co-Founder of Demisto).

Since its seed funding, Rumble has experienced exponential growth. In 2021, Rumble grew the user base by 3x, customer base by 4x, and ARR by 5x. The massive growth is a result of the company’s ability to partner with customers to deliver the capabilities they need to address the coverage gaps and security risks in their environment. Closing out the year, Rumble booked a historic deal for 1 million assets, the largest booking for the company at the time. To continue the momentum, Rumble intends to use the funds to ramp up hiring across their go-to-market and engineering functions.

“Our mission is to make network discovery and asset inventory as easy as possible for organizations and teams of all sizes. The feedback from our customers reaffirms that there is a real pain that we are solving for them, especially around unmanaged assets,” says Chris Kirsch, CEO and Co-Founder of Rumble. “Customers often tell us how Rumble has been able to help them get a handle on all of their assets and how easy it was for them to do it. This next round of funding will help us accelerate our ability to reach more organizations and help them with their asset inventory.”

For many customers, the process of rolling out a CMDB highlights gaps in their discovery capabilities. With Rumble, customers have been able to quickly overcome those challenges, by finding all assets, including unmanaged devices, no matter where they are. Having a centralized inventory makes it easy for IT and security teams to get answers about any asset and any network in their environment.

To ensure that small businesses, home users, and consultants have access to network discovery and asset inventory, Rumble offers a free Starter Edition for networks with less than 256 assets. Today, over 11,000 users have the Rumble Starter Edition.

Rumble continues to deliver best-in-class network and asset visibility across all environments #

Along with an explosive year of customer growth, Rumble successfully delivered an ambitious product roadmap. Since the Rumble 2.0 release in March 2021, Rumble has expanded its scanning, fingerprinting, reporting, and integration capabilities.

“Most IT and security teams are still struggling to create a useful inventory from their existing security tools. This data is often incomplete and unreliable because these tools tend to focus on risk and not asset identification,” says HD Moore, CTO and Co-Founder of Rumble. “Our focus is on building an amazing network discovery and asset inventory platform that provides high-quality data through an intuitive user interface.” Moore, formerly the CEO of Rumble, became CTO in 2021 to focus on product development and fingerprinting research. Chris Kirsch, former CRO, transitioned into the role of CEO.

The funding announcement comes in the wake of many recent accomplishments, including the following highlights:

  • Find all internal subnets, fast - The RFC1918 Coverage Report identifies all the private IP space used by their organization, whether it is documented or not. The report visualizes the entire RFC1918 address space, identifying the subnets that have been scanned, subnets that likely contain assets, and subnets that are still unknown. Armed with this information, teams can discover blind spots in their network map, find rogue devices, and identify misconfigurations.
  • Uncover IPv6 blind spots - IPv6 is active on almost every internal network, but rarely discovered, monitored, or managed by existing tools. Rumble treats IPv6 discovery, including link-local addresses, as a core feature; identifying IPv6 assets and services in most environments without any additional configuration.
  • Unparalleled fingerprinting - Rumble’s modern network scanning engine is powered by research, allowing the platform to identify machines with wireless adapters and endpoint agents, over the network, without authentication. This applied research approach has helped customers identify and categorize thousands of different devices and differentiate between similar OS and firmware versions.
  • Integrations with MDM, EDR, and cloud providers - Rumble bridges the gap for IT and security teams who need better quality asset data for their existing tools. Customers can enrich their asset inventory through integrations with MDM, EDR, and cloud providers. Teams can also feed Rumble data into CMDBs and SIEMs using Rumble’s export APIs or out-of-the-box integrations.
  • Identify network outliers - Most security teams have a handle on standard-issue workstations and servers, but are concerned about everything else: the one-offs, unmanaged devices, and other unknowns in their environment. Rumble surfaces outliers automatically: on the dashboard, in the inventory, at the asset and attribute levels, and through comprehensive reports. With this visibility, teams can quickly identify misconfigurations and rogue devices.
  • Trace network paths to verify network segmentation - Correct network isolation is critical in modern environments, but easy to get wrong and difficult to test. Rumble’s Asset Route Pathing Report visualizes the potential network paths between a source and destination asset, using both layer 3 routes and Rumble’s unauthenticated secondary interface discovery. This report highlights potential network segmentation issues and opportunities for an attacker to move laterally across segments. Teams can leverage this report to find systems that may be missing critical controls or that need to be hardened.
  • Self-hosted Rumble - The self-hosted option provides Rumble Enterprise customers with complete control over their inventory data. For customers running Rumble in air-gapped environments, offline mode ensures that Rumble does not make any connections to the internet, with full support for offline updates.

Rumble releases product updates regularly. For more information on how Rumble helps organizations get better visibility and context across their entire network.

About Rumble #

Rumble was founded in 2018 by HD Moore, the creator of Metasploit, to provide a modern, active discovery tool that finds and identifies everything on a network–without credentials. To see what Rumble can do, try Rumble Professional free for 21 days.

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