Lunch & Learn with runZero and Cyber Buyer

Wednesday, May 8th | 12:00pm - 1:30pm PT

We've teamed up with Cyber Buyer for an exclusiveΒ lunch event for CISOs and security leaders at RSA Conference.Β 

Join us to refuel, network, and meet new connections over lunch. Then dive into a panel discussion with industry leaders exploring the evolving threat landscape and how they are tackling a new wave of vulnerabilities tied to the rise of AI, increasing attacks on critical infrastructure and OT, attacker innovation in the supply chain, and more.

This is a mid-day lunch version of the popular Cyber Breakfast Club, and we encourage you to come connect with this community of talented security professionals and see what it's all about β€”Β whether you're a long-time member or a total newbie!


Panel Discussion Details:
A Tsunami of New Exposures:
How AI, OT, & Attacker Innovation Are Transforming Security

Tectonic shifts are transforming the threat landscape at an alarming speed, brought about by a series of trends that require us to quickly evolve our thinking and find new ways to defend our organizations. Our panel of experts will explore these trends and provide insights into how they are shoring up their defenses with creative strategies, new technologies, and organizational design. We’ll explore:

  • The meteoric rise of AI: artificial intelligence has brought with it both new opportunities and new threats as bad actors leverage it to develop sophisticated social engineering attacks, spread malware, and evade endpoint security. We’ll discuss how to defend against these new threats, as well as harnessing AI for good in your security programs.

  • The explosion of OT: once relegated to their own networks, OT devices are now everywhere – and the responsibility of security professionals who previously were focused primarily on IT. Interwoven into our critical infrastructure, homes, offices, and everyday lives, attackers are leveraging weaknesses in OT security to break in. Our panel will share their experiences and provide best practices and strategies for better securing OT infrastructure.

  • The threat to supply chains in the wake of XZ: the recent XZ Utils Backdoor was a stark reminder that threat actors are increasingly innovative and sophisticated, and that they are willing to play the long game to reap significant rewards. We’ll discuss how the attack unfolded and what this nearly catastrophic incident means for the security of our software supply chains and the open source community.

Meet Our Panel:
  • Mike Charobee, Founder and President at Cyber Buyer
  • Aaron Goldstein, VP of Incident Response at Todyl
  • Rob King, Director of Research at runZero
  • Galit Lubetzky Sharon, CEO & Co-founder at Wing Security


We hope you'll join us!

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