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Rumble Network Discovery: Wrapping up Beta

(updated ), by HD Moore

The Rumble Beta program is winding down after an incredible six months. Rumble now tracks over 1.8 million assets, runs approximately 1,500 scans a day, and has been accessed by almost 2,000 users. We are ridiculously grateful to the folks who tried the Rumble discovery platform, shared their feedback, and helped us build a unique take on network discovery and asset inventory.

As we get closer to launch, we want to share the timeline and pricing details for folks who are interested in making Rumble part of their operations.

  • The Beta program officially ends up on September 30th, with new signups available until September 27th. With a few weeks left, there is still plenty of time for folks to kick the tires and inventory all the things.

  • Beta participants who continue with a trial will receive a 50% discount on their first year of service. This discount is valid until October 15th and is non-transferrable. If you know someone who might benefit from Rumble, make sure they sign up before September 27th.

  • After the Beta program ends, scheduled and recurring scans will be paused. To continue using the Rumble platform, login to the console and begin a free trial. If you decide not to continue with the trial, you will still be able to export your asset data until November 1st.

  • After November 1st, all Beta accounts will be deactivated, and Beta asset data will be archived and removed from the live platform. The offline runZero Scanner shares the same licensing as the online platform and folks who wish to continue using the Scanner can start a trial and download a new binary.

If you have any questions about the timeline, data accessibility, or anything else, please reach out.

Launch pricing is based on the number of live assets across all organizations that are part of your account. That’s it!

All subscribers can create unlimited user accounts, configure as many organizations as they like, define unlimited sites, and install as many agents as they need. Access to the offline runZero Scanner is included with all tiers; if you want to keep inventory data out of the cloud, our lowest tier may be a fit.

Pricing based on live assets ensures that things like DHCP churn don’t count against your asset limits. If you provide consulting services and don’t need always-on visibility of each customer, keep in mind that data can be exported and old network scans removed as needed. The more assets you manage, the lower the per-asset price.

HD Moore
Written by HD Moore

HD Moore is the co-founder and CEO of runZero. Previously, he founded the Metasploit Project and served as the main developer of the Metasploit Framework, which is the world's most widely used penetration testing framework.

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