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Introducing the runZero Infinity Partner Program

(updated ), by Eric Goldstein

We don’t know what’s on our network anymore. Networks are more complex than ever. Unmanaged and agentless devices are constantly spinning up and down, and there’s a never ending surge of smart and IoT devices.

The tools used for asset discovery today haven’t changed in the past 20 years, but the devices sure have. This leaves unknowns across networks. Unknowns = big risk.

Strong security posture starts with an authoritative source of truth for the network. Frameworks, like CIS, NIST, and the new CISA directive, all start with asset inventory for good reason: if we don’t know what’s on our network, we can’t protect, secure, and manage it. runZero was designed to solve this critical, universal problem.

Better together with our partners #

runZero’s goal is to bring cyber asset management to networks around the world. Our partner community is one of the most meaningful and significant ways to achieve this goal and meet the market demands for asset inventory.

Over the summer, I joined runZero as the Director of Channel to build and scale our partner team and ecosystem with three clear goals:

  1. Deliver an exceptional experience for partners.
  2. Accelerate sales and revenue growth alongside our partners.
  3. Grow our partner attach rate to 80% of revenues.

Over the past four months, our partner team has grown 4x, and we’ve got a lot more growth planned (we’re hiring). Our team’s top priority has been building a partner-first framework to revamp how we work with our partners.

Introducing the runZero Infinity Partner Program #

When partners ask about runZero’s partner culture, I can truly and emphatically say we have a “partner first” mindset. Today, I’m excited to introduce our runZero Infinity Partner Program!

With its launch, our partners now have the resources, enablement, content, training, and support to deliver a powerful cyber asset management solution to our joint customers globally. The Infinity Partner Program puts the partner experience front and center by matching how our partners do business and serve their end customers. The program builds on our already strong channel presence and focuses on helping partners maximize their investments with us.

Our team will be here to support our partners on every step of their journey with us. From that initial first meeting all the way to creating joint go to markets, we’re in this together.

You can find all of this and more in our brand new Infinity Partner Portal.

What’s coming today #

  • A best-in-class portal experience empowering partners through training, certification programs, and exclusive partner-only collateral
  • Collaborative go-to-market support, including industry events, joint marketing efforts, and co-sell motions
  • Extensive partner enablement and learning content
  • Rewards-based incentive framework and discount structure

What’s coming in the future #

  • Advanced training and certifications
  • Exciting partner SPIFs and new incentives
  • Additional content and joint go to market opportunities
  • runZero partner team growth to best support our partners
  • Alliance and technical integration opportunities
  • MSP specific content
  • And more!

Stay tuned as we move to infinity and beyond!

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Eric Goldstein
Written by Eric Goldstein

Eric Goldstein is the Director of Channel at runZero. Eric leads channel sales, channel go-to-market and partner programs globally to elevate the runZero partner ecosystem.

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