How to find D-Link NAS Storage devices


D-Link has disclosed multiple vulnerabilities in their D-Link NAS Storage products.

CVE-2024-3273 is rated high with CVSS score of 7.3 and allows an attacker to manipulate HTTP GET request arguments which can lead to remote command injection and execution.

What is the impact? #

This vulnerability impacts all DNS-340L, DNS-320L, DNS-327L, and DNS-325 network attached storage models. The vulnerabilities report is a Command Injection and Backdoor Account attack for the devices web management interface allowing a malicious user to exploit the devices.

Are updates or workarounds available? #

D-Link identified these devices as End of Life ("EOL")/End of Service Life ("EOS") Life-Cycle and will not receive updates. D-Link recommends these devices be replaced. If they cannot be replaced, then it is recommended that these devices be firewalled off from the public internet to disallow remote access from any other network.

How do I find potentially vulnerable systems with runZero? #

From the Asset Inventory, use the following query to locate systems running potentially vulnerable software:

(vendor:="D-Link" AND product:="DNS%") OR (name:="DNS-340L%" OR name:="DNS-320L%" OR name:="DNS-327L%" OR name:="DNS-325%")

Written by Blain Smith

Blain Smith is a Security Research Engineer at runZero. He spent most of his career in cloud and distributed systems for AAA gaming, entertainment, and networking working on some of the most popular games and systems millions of people play and watch daily. He has given numerous talks conferences such as TEDx, GopherCon, and P99CONF. His shift into infosec has afforded him the ability to apply his distributed systems and networking knowledge to other industries such as IoT and OT.

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