January 30, 2023

Speed up pentesting with runZero

runZero may not be the first tool you think of when you talk about penetration testing but we have several ways of helping with reconnaissance. Learn more about the ways runZero can help with your next engagement.

November 22, 2022

CISA BOD 23-01 requires asset visibility and vulnerability detection as foundational requirements

CISA released the BOD 23-01 in an effort to stengthen the national security posture with new asset inventory and vulnerability management requirements. Read more for our take on these requirements and see how runZero can help you comply.

October 18, 2022

Why unmanaged devices are a challenge for IT and security programs

Why do unmanaged devices matter? We discuss the importance of knowing about the unmanaged devices on your network, highlight some issues stemming from unmanaged devices, and how runZero can help you find them.