Actionable intelligence for proactive security

Cyber hygiene and remediation

Quickly respond to security incidents, and strengthen your readiness against future attacks.

A proactive security program is within reach. runZero tracks device, network, and ownership context to keep remediation straightforward.

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“When the next 0-day is announced, and there's a query we can run in our inventory, we'll be able to quickly identify assets that could be affected, without having to do a vuln scan. That's extremely valuable.”

Jason Loveday | Information Security Manager | ACH Group

The importance of cyber hygiene and remediation

Attacks are inevitable - it’s only a matter of time before adversity strikes. The action variety of exploit vulnerability is up to 7% of breaches this year, doubling from last year. The right cyber asset management tools can proactively improve your defenses.

Delayed response

Don't waste valuable time rescanning your network when you could already be patching. The more time bad actors have to exploit your network, the damage and cost to recovery becomes increasingly greater.

Unknown security posture

Your organizations may not always need to patch if it isn't vulnerable based upon the conditions, but knowing that risk posture quickly is key.

Unmanaged and exposed assets

Remediation is delayed when you don’t know which asset is compromised, where it resides, and who is responsible. You'll have more clean-up work when assets are missing an EDR agent, are not included in vulnerability scans, or violate policy.

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How runZero helps

Regular security hygiene is critical for a stable and secure network.

Whether you’ve been a victim of a zero-day vulnerability, ransomware, or an attack due to improperly deployed security rules, runZero provides the actionable intelligence you need to begin remediation. With a full picture of your network, you can finally be proactive about your security program.

Fast response

Canned queries for rapid zero-day response

  • runZero’s library of pre-built queries are ready to go out-of-the-box in seconds to help you address potential vulnerabilities fast.
  • Find exposed systems faster because you won’t need to rescan your network in the wake of a zero-day disclosure. Unlike with vulnerability scanners, you won’t need to wait for new signatures either, so you save valuable time.
  • Rapidly gather crucial data for all of your cyber assets using built-in queries against scanned and imp to empower your incident response time and cybersecurity posture.
Asset tracking

Track device, network, and ownership

  • When it comes to asset ownership, time is a crucial factor in mitigating the impact of an attack. With asset owners assigned, you can immediately verify the severity and scope of an attack.
  • Easily locate any risky assets, in which network they reside, and who owns them to keep remediation speedy and straightforward.
Custom alerts

Know when risky assets appear on your network

  • Use runZero alerts if unwanted items, such as VNC services or telecommunication devices under Section 889 – which prohibits government agencies from working with certain service providers – appear on your network.
  • More than 18,000 SolarWinds customers were subject to a remote access trojan that infected customer systems and networks. Mitigate supply chain risks posed by third-party vendors and suppliers by ensuring assets are up-to-date and free from vulnerabilities with runZero.
  • Automate custom alerts or webhooks to automatically initiate your tickets and workflows in tools like ServiceNow, Jira, and Slack.
  • Add dashboard queries to see devices that require attention.
Asset status notifications

Get notified about new, changed, and offline assets

  • Get notified about all changes that are important to you with runZero’s powerful rules and alerting capabilities.
  • Set up rules that alert you about offline assets or services that may indicate disruptions.
  • With runZero, you’ll know when new machines or changed services appear on sensitive networks, like your cardholder data environment.
End-of-Life systems

Keep track of EOL systems and expiring TLS certificates

  • Identify devices that are running end-of-life operating systems and need to be updated or retired.
  • Find machines with TLS certificates that are about to expire or that were issued by a compromised certificate authority.
  • Get ahead of unsupportable and unpatchable assets on your network.
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