Know your assets

Cyber asset inventory

An inventory is only useful if there is a true understanding of assets.

Sifting through the data, building context on machines you’re investigating, and looking at machines and services from different vantage points is critical for situational awareness.

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The importance of cyber asset inventory

A full asset inventory is foundational to the security program of any organization, whether it be your customer’s or your own. A single solution is needed that shows all devices, managed and unmanaged, IT, IoT, and OT, from all environments, on-premise, cloud, remote, and air-gapped. Breadth and depth of data is required. Just aggregating the data you already have in other systems is not enough because it misses unmanaged devices.

Continuously expanding attack surface

Next year, organizations will have more devices, not fewer. Without a comprehensive and timely asset inventory, teams will remain stuck where they are today, playing a perpetual game of catch-up as they discover unmanaged devices only after compromise.

Cybersecurity risk management

Without an accurate asset inventory, your systems and data are at perpetual risk, making it harder for IT and security teams to contain and remediate an incident. This could result in a longer downtime, greater financial and reputational damage, and higher overall cost of recovery.

Cybersecurity best practices

Many regulatory standards require organizations to maintain an inventory of their digital assets. CIS Controls the NIST Cybersecurity Framework both list asset inventory as a foundational control.

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How runZero helps

Get answers about any asset, anywhere on your network

Rapidly find accurate, detailed information and context for all assets.

Advanced search

Easily search your inventory

  • Slice and dice your asset inventory based on services and detailed attributes with out-of-the-box and custom queries.
  • Spend less time searching and more time on asset lifecycle management, IP address management, and understanding your true network topology.
  • Find assets with specific traits, such as all Ubiquiti IP cameras, Microsoft SQL servers sorted by version, or TLS on non-standard ports.
Unique identifiers

Work with systems, not IP addresses

As machines move across networks and get new DHCP leases, it can be difficult to keep track of assets.

  • Quickly identify devices by MAC address, GUIDs, and combinations of other unique identifiers to avoid duplicate entries as IP addresses change.
Asset inventory extensibility

Custom integrations and Python SDK

  • Further enrich the asset data within runZero. Create custom integrations and import assets from any external asset data source using the runZero ingress Python SDK.
  • Leverage other product APIs and export/import functionality to provide additional asset context in other IT and security tools. runZero offers egress integrations with ServiceNow CMDB, Atlassian Insight & Jira Service Management, Splunk, Thinkst Canary, and more.
External perimeter scans

View the external network perimeter through the lens of the attacker

  • runZero-hosted Explorers can scan external perimeters to show exposed devices and services.
  • Identify assets that aren’t properly blocked by the firewall and which devices are risky, missing security controls, outdated, or out of compliance.
Network bridges

Identify open network bridges and potential lateral movement risk

  • Spot devices that bridge networks, such as a laptop with a WiFi, Ethernet and iWAN cards, even if you are only scanning one of the network interfaces.
  • Understand network bridges to help you troubleshoot routing issues and identify network segmentation violations.
Asset ownership

Assign owners to assets

  • Manually or automatically assign assets to owners through rules or the API; set up specific conditions and automate the assignment of asset ownership after each scan.
  • Easily search for assets that match specific ownership criteria to help with remediation and other management tasks.
  • Stop wasting time hunting down asset owners. Get more done with asset ownership information right in your inventory.
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