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Cyber asset attack surface management

Get to full asset inventory and actionable intelligence with a CAASM solution

runZero combines data from active scanning and your existing tech stack to identify which devices are missing an EDR agent, are not included in vulnerability scans, or are out of compliance. You’ll get a full picture of your network to manage your security program.

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“Oftentimes, runZero already has a search query in place for us. So from a threat hunting and proactive security standpoint, they are a huge advantage.”

Chase Martin | Senior Consultant | Kivu Consulting

What is cyber asset attack surface management (CAASM)?

Cyber asset attack surface management is the process of evaluating potential vulnerabilities present within an organization's infrastructure and cyber assets. The aim of CAASM is to identify weaknesses and reduce the risk of cyber attacks through asset management and continued remediation measures.

The importance of CAASM

In the last 15-20 years, the number of devices a security team protects has exploded. The attack surface has expanded from on-premise IT to IoT and OT devices, the cloud, and even remote employees. Users have more and more ways to change the attack surface without telling anyone. Corporate acquisitions make knowing what is on the network even more complicated.

Unknowns on your network

You simply can’t manage and protect what you can’t see. Unmanaged assets, unpatched and without owners, pose a significant risk. Cloud environments also pose a risk when misconfigured or become abandoned without proper decommissioning.

Reactive incident response

Without proper visibility into the risks on your network, security teams can only be reactive. Manual efforts are labor intensive and introduce bottlenecks for efficient incident response.

Persistent cyber threats

According to a recent Dark Reading study conducted in March 2023 that surveyed over 150 cybersecurity and IT professionals, 50% reported that unknown or unmanaged assets played a key role in breaches. The threat of cyber attacks is ever-present, making a CAASM solution essential.

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How runZero helps

Understand and protect your increasing attack surface

runZero is the only CAASM vendor that takes a balanced approach with API integrations and active scanning. Providing the ability to uncover managed and unmanaged devices, IT, IoT, and OT, from all environments, on-premise, cloud, and remote.

Scan millions of assets

Inside-out, outside-in visibility at scale

  • Quickly and accurately scan millions of cyber assets, revealing potential vulnerabilities, insecure configurations, and other risks that could jeopardize your network. Proactively stay ahead of threats and take control of your attack surface. Ensure that your assets remain secure against even the most sophisticated cyber threats.
  • Obtain full visibility into your network and assets from both the inside-out, and the outside-in. runZero provides a comprehensive view of your attack surface, enabling your teams to proactively address vulnerable access points before they could be exploited.
Security coverage gaps

Uncover assets with unsafe configurations and missing security controls

  • Identify devices that don’t have a required EDR or MDM agent installed. Spot unique devices that have different patching levels.
  • Find TLS services that allow weak ciphers and spot unsafe configurations, such as duplicate SSH host keys on cloned virtual machines that adversaries might use for lateral movement.
  • Remove rogue devices by looking for machines that are not part of your domain or access points that are not on your vendor list.
Collaborative asset management made easy

Empowering cross-team asset management

  • Multiple teams, including enterprise architects, SecOps, and IT, are able to fully utilize runZero to accomplish their asset management needs.
  • Security teams have complete visibility into shadow IT, installed third-party systems, and any LOB appliances not managed by IT teams.
  • Enable your teams to explore a full asset inventory through a single normalized view.

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runZero is a cyber asset attack surface management solution that is the easiest way to get full asset inventory with actionable intelligence