Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM): Explained

Join Huxley Barbee as he explains Cyber Asset Attack Security Management (CAASM), and provides a comprehensive overview of its functionalities, significance, and benefits. Throughout the video, we highlight the key advantages of implementing CAASM in your organization.

What is cyber asset attack surface management (CAASM)?

Cyber asset attack surface management is the process of evaluating potential vulnerabilities present within an organization's infrastructure and cyber assets. The aim of CAASM is to identify weaknesses and reduce the risk of cyber attacks through asset management and continued remediation measures.

The video above explains how a CAASM solution like runZero can provide a comprehensive view of your cyber assets, improves inventory management, enhances security posture, and helps you comply with regulatory requirements. By adopting CAASM, you gain valuable insights into your digital ecosystem, enabling informed decision-making and strengthening your overall cybersecurity strategy.

Meet Our Speakers

Huxley Barbee

Former Security Evangelist

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