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Overview #

On an all-new episode of the Secure Correspondence podcast, learn about asset management through the technical eyes of runZero’s co-founder, HD Moore.

Bryan Kissinger, CISO and SVP of Security Solutions for Trace3, chats with guest HD Moore about what’s new in asset management, his fascination with the discovery process and how that plays into asset management, what’s to come next in cybersecurity, and so much more!

Introduction to runZero

HD Moore explains that runZero is a company founded in 2018 with the goal of discovering every single thing an organization owns, whether on the cloud, internal network, or external locations. He emphasizes the challenge of protecting against unknown devices in the network.

The importance of cyber asset management

Brian highlights the significance of asset management in cybersecurity. If you don’t know where everything is, you can’t secure it effectively. HD agrees, mentioning the changing work environments due to factors like COVID, remote work, cloud migration, and massive network sprawl.

Asset management technology’s growing importance

HD discusses how asset management is now outpacing other parts of cybersecurity. Every security product traditionally had some asset inventory component, but they were not sufficient. runZero aims to bridge this gap by providing complete asset visibility.

Challenges in asset management

HD talks about the challenges in asset management, particularly in industries with physical presence, like manufacturing and pharmaceuticals. The rise of mergers and acquisitions has complicated asset inventory, with many healthcare organizations struggling to manage connected devices.

runZero’s solution

HD explains that runZero takes a unique approach to asset management. They offer a solution that requires zero credentials and can quickly identify every routable device in the network. Their system provides detailed information on each device without the need for extensive cooperation with IT or networking teams.

The evolution of cybersecurity

Brian asks HD about the future of the cybersecurity market. HD acknowledges the trend of consolidating solutions and achieving value for security investments. He believes that strong asset inventory serves as the foundation for building effective security programs.

HD’s interest in asset management

HD explains that his passion for asset management stems from his hacking background. He finds the discovery process exciting, and asset inventory allows him to apply cutting-edge techniques to a seemingly mundane task.

Most challenging threats

HD shares some interesting hacking experiences, emphasizing the need to look for unconventional entry points. He mentions breaking into a network through a tape library robot and targeting unmanaged machines as vulnerable points. From a broader perspective, he worries about the supply chain risks.


Brian thanks HD for joining the session and expresses appreciation for his insights. They look forward to future secure correspondence sessions.

Note: Some parts of the transcript may be paraphrased for clarity and brevity.

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