The evolution of network scanning with HD Moore and Gordon Lyon

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Overview #

With 2022 marking the 25th anniversary of Nmap, runZero hosted a moderated conversation between security industry legends, HD Moore and Gordon “Fyodor” Lyon. They discussed the challenges, rewards, and lessons learned from their work building network scanning technology. They covered everything–from product development to motion picture cameos.

About the speakers #

HD Moore is the Chairman & Founding CTO runZero (formerly known as Rumble Network Discovery). Best known as the creator of Metasploit, HD has been building security companies since 1999 in a mix of services, research, and product development roles that focus on applying research to real-world security challenges. HD has been hands-on with network discovery and fingerprinting for over twenty years, pentesting networks, writing exploits, and starting Rapid7’s Project Sonar.

Gordon Lyon (also known by his pseudonym Fyodor Vaskovich) is a network security expert, creator of Nmap, and writer of books, websites, and technical papers about network security. Gordon has been developing and distributing the free Nmap Security Scanner since 1997 and runs the Internet security resource sites,, and He is also a founding member of the Honeynet Project and was Vice President of Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility.

Moderated by Pearce Barry, Principal Security Researcher at runZero

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