Stay on top of changes in your network

Get the visbility you need to maintain good operational and security hygiene on your network starts.

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Stay on top of changes in your network

“The part we really like about runZero is that it's very simple to use, but it has solved multiple complex business and technical problems for Presidio and our clients. One of the ideas we had early on was: how can we leverage runZero to collect and export serial numbers from infrastructure devices, such as Cisco devices, to help ease the burden on our clients during a SMARTnet renewal phase? The runZero team delivered a new feature that allowed us to discover and export that information for our clients in about a week.”

Ryan Pinga | President of Cybersecurity Services and Maintenance Services | Presidio

Key benefits

Everything you need to keep track of changes in your environment

Know when unwanted attributes appear on your network

Prevent unwanted items, such as VNC services or Huawei devices, from appearing on your network with runZero alerts. Automate custom alerts or webhooks to automatically initiate your tickets and workflows. Add dashboard queries to see devices that require attention.

Get notified about new, changed, and offline assets

Get notified about all changes that are important to you with runZero’s powerful rules and alerting capabilities. Set up rules that alert you about offline assets or services that may indicate disruptions. With runZero, you’ll know when new machines or changed services appear on sensitive networks, like your cardholder data environment.

Learn about newly end-of-life (EOL) systems

Set up a query about all devices that are about to go EOL to get ahead of unsupportable and unpatchable assets on your network.

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runZero is a network discovery and asset inventory platform that uncovers every network in use and identifies every device. Discover your network and build your asset inventory in minutes.