"runZero is the first and only service capable of real-time asset discovery rather than simple asset inventory that is built once and then never maintained. runZero has helped solve a vexing problem for us and improved our security posture significantly almost immediately after deployment. It is incredibly fast and gathers a wealth of information about your assets without needing to add credentials. You can’t protect what you don’t know and for the first time we actually know and are informed in real-time when something changes that could expose us to risk."

Justin Varner

Distinguished Security Engineer, Sage AI Labs

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"It provides a rich insight into your environment with very little effort. It’s profiling capabilities are great considering there is no agent on the endpoint. It’s simple to configure and manage. The support team is very responsive and the product development team turn around feature requests in very short time frame."

Imran I.

Director Global Security Operations

Testimonial Source

"The first step was to do a complete inventory, and by that, I mean an actual real scanning-based verification of what was on our network. I knew we did not formally use SolarWinds Orion internally; however, that does not mean someone could be running it informally in a lab. We are using runZero for internal scanning. It is fast and accurate."

Gavin Reid

CSO at Recorded Future

Testimonial Source

"Simple, focused, flexible, no brainer. This product is a no brainer. If you need to scan your environment, this is just better than anything else. It doesnt try to solve other problems (vuln. mgmt for expl) and is easy to use and integrate. runZero fill a gap most large scale operations have: identify assets. Running the tool is super easy and give you immediate value."

Jean-Francois D.

Information Security Investigator, Computer Networking

Testimonial Source

"Cutting through complexity assets management and shadow IT. Amazing. Ease of use; very simple, in one shot you’re able to identify Shadow IT and Network Bridges."

Andrés S.

Information Security Manager, Banking

Testimonial Source

"Simple, fast and powerful. We were looking for an easy to use, yet fully featured network scanner. We found runZero and haven’t looked back. Powerful and easy to use. Support response is fantastic."

Martin S.

IT Manager, Government Administration

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"i’m a ~six month paying runZero customer and i’m a huge fan"

Andrew Morris

Founder/CEO, GreyNoise Intelligence

Testimonial Source

"What is the CSC’s control number 1? The inventory of systems is the CSC control number one. You can’t protect what you don’t know you have in your environment. This product solves that problem and more… We were up and collecting data within minutes! This product gave us visibility into devices/systems on our network and helped me discover misconfigurations and out of date operating systems."

Tom S.

Lead IT Security Engineer, Higher Education

"runZero is amazing because it was able to map out the entire network without any credentials, and is even more accurate than my NAC solution. It identified a BACnet device from way back when the facility was built - about 20 years ago. runZero replaced several of my tools, including nmap, Wireshark and Angry IP. Now, when we install new equipment, I can easily tell what IP spaces are available. As we’re moving to a zero-trust model, knowing what’s on our network is critical."

Dave Chapper

IT Manager and Network Administrator at National World War II Museum

Testimonial Source

"Love runZero!!! The responsiveness of the runZero team and their customer support is incredible! The team follows up on the issues incredibly fast. They listen to customer’s wants and desires and, when such wants make sense, implement them into the product. I am more than satisfied with the company and with the product. Easy to implement, easy to use, very fast, very helpful."

Alek G.

Director of Incident Response and Security Sevices, Computer Software

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"@hdmoore This is a fantastic tool to add to any arsenal. If you do not know what the landscape looks like you cannot defend it. #infosec"

Mark Feeney

Director, Cyber Security

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"runZero is the bomb; for home and for work/corporate!"

Scott Wilson

Program Manager at IBM X-Force Red

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"If you want a beautiful agent install experience, get [@runZeroInc] and run it. Compiled with your UUID, so it’s zero config. Tip of the hat to @hdmoore."

Scott Walsh

Necromancer of Data, Coalition, Inc.


Improve your IT awareness in minutes.

Sign up for the runZero trial, install the scanner, and scan your network. Done.

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"runZero is great. Does exactly what it claims to do with little overhead and setup. I’ve bought it twice now (at two different employers) and I’d buy it again."

Brian M.

10x Infosec janitor and troublemaker

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"We tested runZero and it worked as advertised."


Dyrwolf, Inc.

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"+1 for runZero. Awesome to quickly be able to see what’s on your network and what’s running on each host (with screenshots of open interfaces too…which have provided me with plenty of “Oh THAT’s what that is!” moments 8-)"

7 Minute Security

Infosec consulting focused on remediation

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"Looking for a fantastic tool for #assetmanagement check out runZero. Great insights for #it #infosec #redteam and #blueteam both! Free plan to check it out on a ton of devices. Very useful for #homelab and #business."

Chad Hudson

Christian. Husband. Dad. Geek.

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"You can obviously deploy it inside your network, but also on a Droplet to scan your external ASN ranges to see if new things come online. Great for discovering when people mistakenly put management interfaces on the internet."

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"runZero is as good as it gets, and it keeps getting better. @hdmoore really hit this one out of the park!"


Security Researcher… and cat

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"Might be a good time to remind everyone of @hdmoore’s new product and the price is right for the starter package."

William Knowles

Information Arbitrageur

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"Recently took it for a spin and was very impressed with ease of deployment and benefits, now a customer. Keep up the excellent work"

Nick Barron

Security/crypto geek

Testimonial Source

"runZero is great! runZero is outstanding. It does one thing: provides visibility to what’s plugged into your network, and it does it well."

Nick J.

Senior Systems Administrator, Computer & Network Security

Testimonial Source

"A Complete Discovery and Inventory Tool. The things I liked the most about runZero was the ease of deployment and the depth of discovery."

Keatron E.

Managing Partner, Computer & Network Security

Testimonial Source

"Incredibly Fast. runZero solved my asset management needs while also highlighting security issues. My favorite feature is screenshots collected from webservers. I have found unexpected webservices running on devices."

James B.

Security Researcher, Computer & Network Security

Testimonial Source

"Great Product. We use the product to scan customer networks for asset inventories. It has greatly reduced the amount of technician time necessary to complete those inventories. Quick and Easy to Implement. The software was able to find assets even with active firewalls. The interface is excellent."

Daryl G.

Owner, Information Technology and Services

Improve your IT awareness in minutes.

Sign up for the runZero trial, install the scanner, and scan your network. Done.

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"Same, been using it since May and I love it. Great UI/UX. New versions released ~monthly."

Jason Waits

Director of Cyber Security at Inductive Automation

Testimonial Source

"Asset Discovery has never been easier. Flexibility of deployment, the scanners can run on any platform or hardware. The speed of the scans and the accuracy of results are stupendous."

Arlie H.

CISO, Automotive

Testimonial Source

"The Best Asset Discovery and Management System. Asset discovery and classification. Part of our vulnerability management program. This is hands down the best Asset Discovery and Inventory Management software available presently. It’s extremely fast, feature complete and accurate. Software support is responsive, swift and very complete."

Ryan W.

Principal, Computer Software

Testimonial Source

"If it’s connected, runZero WILL find it. runZero augments and validates your system inventory in ways previously not possible with this level of ease. I can quickly look at hosts, OS versions, services, etc and cross-reference with known good inventory to find problems. As an example, I found a printer with an extremely old firmware that had gone un-patched for years. I like the ease of deployment and the versatility of the agents. I’m running on multiple operating systems and hardware platforms and they all work amazing. I also love the WiFi Scanning for WiFi-enabled agents, and the screen capture function for anything that responds to HTTP requests."

Branden W.

Adjunct Professor, Education Management

Testimonial Source

"runZero is like nmap on steroids; actionable intelligence fed daily. I used runZero for several client networks as a test and additional information compared to my normal nmap / Nessus / etc scans. Honestly, even the betas of runZero gave me more actionable intelligence than the others. Today’s networks often have single factor authentication services exposed remotely, even when they loudly proclaim that they’ve moved to 2FA. Finding and categorizing services (Remote Desktop Gateway via HTTPS, OpenVPN Appliance, Exchange, etc.) was really powerful and impressive especially, for quick review of larger environments. I’m deeply impressed by the depth of protocol knowledge displayed and made available with runZero. Correlating assets that change IP addresses automatically, loads of support for SNMP… the list goes on and on."

Jeff M.

Founder, Information Technology and Services

Testimonial Source

"We’ve been incredibly impressed with what runZero is able to deliver considering how easy it is deploy and how little resources it requires. Our organization has around 10,000 assets across 50 locations and the complete configuration and deployment took about one day of work. One other item to mention is how incredible support is. We’ve had a few questions and issues along the way and support has been the most responsive I’ve ever experienced. We regularly get not only responses but actual deployed product updates quicker than it sometimes takes to get a response from my own staff. I’m talking hours and in some cases minutes."

Lance H.

Manager Cybersecurity, Staffing and Recruiting

Testimonial Source

"An incredible asset discovery tool. We have used runZero to assist in network security assessments in a number of organizations. We continue to deploy it in a wide variety of client networks and it has performed flawlessly, helping us properly identify assets and targets that could be attacked. Ease of deployment Flexibility of platforms it can be deployed on Rich, accurate and fast results Constantly evolving and improving features Has performed well in both small and large enterprise situations."

Iain P.

Managing Director, Computer & Network Security

Testimonial Source

"Finds everything, clean ui, just works. The visibility that this tool provides is fantastic. It was an easy sell to me for features and an easy sell to my boss as far as cost. I really like how painless it was to install the scanning agent and how light it is on that server’s resource load. The reporting front end on the runZero website is super responsive and the info on there is exhaustive."

Mason S.

Technology Team Leader, Government Administration

Testimonial Source

"Discovery tool and Asset Tracking. Our discovery process and Asset tracking is less time consuming and easier to setup. We save a significant amount of time compared to our previous tools for this purpose. Those tools were much more expensive and didn’t meet our needs as well as runZero. We can discover and track assets even without having credentials"

Aaron F.

President, Computer & Network Security

Testimonial Source

"runZero is Awesome. Overall, my experience has been pretty great and HD is very responsive and takes every issue into full consideration. A lot of these software giants will take ages to do what HD has done in a few days. This is an awesome piece of software and is making my managers happy. In our use case, it provides us with quick discovery of all assets in our internal network and shows us running services based on common open ports. It is much quicker than other tools I’ve used and the fact that it is agentless is also a huge pro."

Christpher B.

Senior Security System Administrator, Financial Services

Testimonial Source

"You can’t go wrong with runZero. Out of the box, it is the single most powerful discovery, management and fingerprinting technology out there. Built by cybersecurity professionals by other cybersecurity professionals, runZero is the next generation of products that are going to make better sense of ‘what is in your network’."

Joseph C.

Founder CTO, Defense & Space

Testimonial Source

"For my organization we use it to keep a handle on what hosts are on the network (both ones that are in our catalog and those we do not know about). We also use it to get an idea on what kind of services are running and version information and to do so quickly. That is one area where this app really excels, it’s crazy fast compared to doing common NMAP scans."

Andrew D.

Security Analyst, Higher Education

Testimonial Source

"Gain complete visibility and control of your network. The alerting capability helped identify an IoT device that ‘went rogue’ and installed a telnet service port without permission (that device is now in the town electronics recycling facility). It’s one of the few IT and IT security products and services that did what it said on the tin Day 1 and continues to do so without any intervention on my part."

Bob R.

Chief Data Scientist, Information Technology and Services

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"Having this historical itsm cmdb info is a ‘God send’ and if I have super powers from this it’s only because I don’t have to run nmap everytime I want to figure out what’s on the network."

Iben Rodriguez

DevOps Architect, Sjultra

Testimonial Source

"Incredibly easy to set up. When we did have issues, the team at runZero resolved incredibly quickly. I don’t believe I ever waited more than a few hours. Used to scan a fairly large network (/8) and the intel it gathers has become vital to my groups ability to not only identify issues proactively, but also respond quicker to events. Really great value, puts competitors ROI figures to shame."

Matt S.

Director, Technology Risk, Retail


"If you aren’t doing inventory well in your cybersecurity program, do not pass go and do not collect $200. Good inventory is ’table stakes’ for security. If you are struggling in this area, runZero is one great option and doesn’t require lots of administrative creds to do its job."

Brian Quick

CISO (Advisory) at Trace3


Get to know your network.™

runZero is a fast, easy and accurate asset discovery platform that scans your IT and OT environments to provide a foundation for your asset inventory, attack surface reduction and incident response programs. Identify security risks such as outdated and orphaned devices, rogue RDP ports, and public-private network bridges. Get instant device context for incident response.

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