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Home and small networks that have less than 256 assets


Security features like single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) are included at no additional cost

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  • SaaS-hosted
  • Unlimited explorers
  • Unlimited sites
  • Unlimited users
  • SSO, MFA, RBAC, and most reports
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Consultants and organizations that have medium to large sized networks, and don't need self-hosting or advanced integrations


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Everything in Starter plus:

  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited organizations
  • Integrations with cloud service providers
  • Rules & alerts
  • Subnet discovery
  • Command line scanner
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Any sized organization that needs advanced integrations or self-hosting

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Everything in Professional plus:

  • Self-hosting
  • Integrations with MDMs, EDRs, SIEMs & CMDBs
  • Advanced user management

Compare plans and features

Scan engine Starter Professional Enterprise
High-fidelity fingerprinting Identifying asset hardware and running services with unparalleled accuracy.
Screenshots Capture rendered screens of HTTP/HTTPS-based services.
Unlimited ExplorersDeploy as many Explorers as you need.
Recurring scansSet up a scan to run continuously, only pausing for Explorer updates. 2 Unlimited Unlimited
Command line scannerScan without the runZero Explorer, for air-gapped environments.
Integrations Starter Professional Enterprise
Custom integrationsConnect a custom data source to merge data from your entire IT and security stack.
Amazon Web ServicesConnect to AWS to merge assets into the inventory.
Azure Active DirectoryConnect to Azure AD to sync assets, users, and groups in the inventory.
CensysConnect to Censys to merge externally-facing details of assets into the inventory.
CrowdStrikeConnect to the CrowdStrike Falcon API to merge EDR-protected assets into the inventory.
Google Cloud PlatformConnect to GCP to merge virtual machines into the inventory.
Google WorkspaceConnect to Google Workspace to sync assets, users, and groups in the inventory.
Microsoft 365 DefenderConnect to Microsoft 365 Defender to sync assets in the inventory.
Microsoft Active DirectoryConnect to Active Directory via LDAP to sync assets, users, and groups in the inventory.
Microsoft AzureConnect to Azure to merge virtual machines into the inventory.
Microsoft IntuneConnect to Microsoft Intune to sync assets in the inventory.
MiradoreConnect to Miradore to merge managed mobile devices into the inventory.
QualysConnect to Qualys to enrich your inventory with vulnerability data.
Rapid7Connect to InsightVM or Nexpose to enrich your inventory with vulnerability data.
SentinelOneSync and enrich your asset inventory, as well as gain visibility into the software installed on SentinelOne assets.
ServiceNow ITOMUpdate the CMDB with runZero data.
ShodanConnect to Shodan Search to enrich your asset inventory with external asset data.
SplunkBring runZero data into Splunk.
TenableConnect to or Nessus to enrich your inventory with vulnerability data.
VMwareConnect to VMware to merge virtual machines into the inventory.
Platform Starter Professional Enterprise
Unlimited sitesInventory all your assets, no matter how many overlapping networks you might have.
SaaSLower your cost of ownership by using a runZero console in the cloud.
OrganizationsInventory all your assets by business unit, department, or end customer. 1 Unlimited Unlimited
ProjectsInventory 5x the number of assets that become read-only after 30 days and deleted after 90 days. Great for consulting projects. Unlimited Unlimited
Analysis Starter Professional Enterprise
Basic reportsExamine your asset inventory through visualizations such as switch topology.
Subnet discoveryDiscover massive IP ranges quickly.
Advanced reportsOutlier Overview Report, Specific Outlier Report, Asset Route Pathing Report, Site Comparison
Asset ownershipAutomatically track and assign ownership to assets
Inventory Starter Professional Enterprise
SearchSearch through your asset inventory with an intuitive query language.
Recently seen assetsSize your inventory to fit your network. 256 Pricing varies based on asset count Pricing varies based on asset count
Data retentionRetain scan data for audits or investigations. 90 days 365 days 3 years
Rules & alertsGet notified only when you want. Kick off workflows automatically for repeatable tasks.
API Starter Professional Enterprise
Export APIExport assets to another system.
Organization APIProgrammatically script runZero Explorers or import scans.
Account APIAutomate cross-organization management tasks.
Admin and security Starter Professional Enterprise
Unlimited number of usersSupports small business and large enterprises.
MFASupports 2FA. Physical hardware keys are supported via the WebAuthn standard.
SSOSupports SAML2-compatible single sign on (SSO) implementation.
RBACSupports differentiated roles to suit the needs of most organizations.
Bulk user managementBulk user imports and updates.
Temporary groupsProvide elevated privileges to certain for a limited time.
SSO group mappingsAutomatically provision roles based on SSO attributes.
Support Starter Professional Enterprise
SLOGet help when you need it. 5 day 1 day
Custom legal termsTalk to our lawyers.

Commonly Asked Questions

Still have questions, check out our docs

Yes, you can contact for help with the product. You can also visit our documentation.

After your trial ends, you can convert to the Starter edition or purchase the Professional or Enterprise edition.

runZero bases pricing on recently seen asset counts and optional features.

Any asset that has been “seen” in the last 30 days. If an asset originated from a runZero Explorer, “seen” means when the asset was last scanned. Otherwise, if the asset was brought in from an integration, “seen” is whatever is reported by the integration.

Users of the Professional and Enterprise editions can use 5x of their licensed recently seen assets as project assets. Unlike organizations, which are permanent entities in runZero, projects are temporary entities that remain writeable for 30 days and automatically delete after 90 days. They are a great option for short-term projects, such as consulting engagements, M&A activities, or scoping exercising for MSP customers. After you delete a project, you have the original project asset amount available for your next project.

You will need to delete assets or increase your license count before you can scan again. Contact us to expand your license.

runZero uses AWS (us-east-2) for all infrastructure. All storage is encrypted at rest using AWS-managed keys. User credentials are hashed using bcrypt and encrypted using AES-256 in GCM mode with an encryption key stored separately from the database.

runZero Enterprise edition customers can also self-host in their own environment.

runZero can scan VPN subnets from the corporate side to keep track of connected home users working remotely. It can also scan through a VPN connection, but there may be some issues:

  • The VPN does traffic interception and returns inaccurate results for all hosts.
  • The VPN has a limited session table and performance degrades as a result.
  • Large portions of the corporate network may not be visible from the VPN.

To capture devices on home networks, we recommend using an API-based integration with your EDR or MDM solution. These integrations are available in the Enterprise edition.

No, you can deploy runZero on your own. You will need to deploy at least one Explorer in your environment to enable network and asset discovery for runZero. Some factors, like your network topology, will impact the number of explorers you need to deploy. Check out the runZero documentation.

runZero is an asset inventory solution that discovers your network and identifies your assets and services. runZero performs active discovery, requires no credentials, scales across all types of environments, and works with CMDBs, EDRs, MDMs, and cloud solutions.

runZero uses proprietary scanning technology that goes deeper than other solutions. It is safe to use in OT environments. For example, our customers use runZero in their manufacturing plants, hospitals, and in power generation.

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