Knowing everything on your network is the foundation for any IT and security program

runZero is an asset inventory and network visibility solution that helps organizations find and identify managed and unmanaged assets connected to their networks and in the cloud. Powered by our research-driven model for fingerprinting, runZero can uncover areas of your network you didn’t even know you had. No credentials needed.

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“runZero is incredibly fast and gathers a wealth of information about your assets without needing to add credentials. You can’t protect what you don’t know and for the first time we actually know and are informed in real-time when something changes that exposes us to risk.”

Justin Varner | Distinguished Security Engineer | Sage AI Labs

runZero performs active discovery scans, without needing credentials, traffic captures, netflows, span ports, or network taps. Instead, you deploy runZero Explorers to carry out scan operations. During scans, runZero generates and sends safe and benign traffic to devices, and collects information based on the responses.

runZero uses different techniques to decode data that isn’t usually visible from standard protocol replies. Leveraging these small information leaks, runZero can put together precise device profiles of everything on the network–even unmanaged assets–and turn them into fingerprints. This modern approach to discovery enables runZero to identify assets and uncover details that other discovery solutions completely miss.

Key benefits

How runZero helps

Discover your entire infrastructure

Most asset inventory solutions have gaps in what they detect. runZero covers all of your bases, including managed and unmanaged devices, on-premises and cloud assets, IT and OT infrastructure, devices at work and at home.

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Know your network-connected assets

Spend less time searching and more time on asset lifecycle management, IP address management, and understanding your true network topology. Find assets with specific traits, such as all Ubiquiti IP cameras, Microsoft SQL servers sorted by version, or TLS on non-standard ports.

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Get ahead of security risks

Regular security hygiene is critical for maintaining a stable and secure network. After analyzing your network, look for devices, services and configurations that put your systems and information at risk of disclosure and ransomware.

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Stay on top of changes on your network

After you build a strong, foundational understanding of your network, staying on top of changes will be critical to maintaining good operational and security hygiene.

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runZero is a network discovery and asset inventory platform that uncovers every network in use and identifies every device connected–without credentials.

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