Overview Playing catch-up with unknowns on your network?Get ahead with runZero.

With runZero's cyber asset management solution, you can shine a light on the unknown threat landscape.

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“runZero is incredibly fast and gathers a wealth of information about your assets without needing to add credentials. You can’t protect what you don’t know and for the first time we actually know and are informed in real-time when something changes that exposes us to risk.”

Justin Varner | Distinguished Security Engineer | Sage AI Labs

A complete cyber asset management solution

Discover and manage all of your assets, including unknown subnets and unmanaged devices, to stay ahead of potential security risks and take a proactive approach to your security program.

Cyber asset discovery

runZero collects data from its proprietary network scanner plus your IT and security stack, such as EDR, vulnerability scanners, and cloud service providers to discover all assets on your network, including unmanaged devices and unknown subnets.

Customers find that they can discover up to 10x the number of devices compared to what they thought they had by using runZero’s asset discovery capabilities.

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Cyber asset inventory

By analyzing the data collected from its proprietary network scanner and your IT and security stack, runZero generates complete asset inventories, empowering you or your customers with the knowledge of assets on the network, managed or unmanaged, better than an attacker.

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Cyber asset attack surface management (CAASM)

runZero has got you covered for CAASM capabilities, including visibility into all assets for understanding of attack surface and security controls gaps, support audit compliance reporting, ability to be used by multiple teams (security, enterprise architects, IT) and more.

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Cyber hygiene and remediation

You've received an alert for a device on the network that's not in your CMDB. Now what?

runZero helps identify risky devices, how they are connected, and where you have similar devices.

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runZero is a cyber asset management solution that is the easiest way to get full asset inventory with actionable intelligence