Strengthen vulnerability management with asset inventory #

The vulnerability management lifecycle begins with, and relies on, creating and maintaining a complete and accurate asset inventory. While vulnerability scanning is crucial to all enterprise security programs–providing visibility into any assets that may be unpatched, misconfigured, or vulnerable to known exploits–vulnerability scans alone cannot detect unmanaged assets and could leave an organization open to attack. runZero makes managing your asset inventory easy, while our comprehensive asset and network context makes taking action on your vulnerability scan results more effective and efficient. runZero integrates with Rapid7 InsightVM and Nexpose to help identify gaps in your vulnerability scan coverage and add context to scan results, which can expedite responses to new vulnerabilities.

Benefits #

  • Discover gaps in Rapid7 vulnerability scanning coverage
  • Complement vulnerability results with high-fidelity asset and network data
  • Identify new vulnerabilities more quickly and effectively

How runZero helps

Find gaps in vulnerability scanning coverage #

The goal of vulnerability scanning is to find assets with vulnerabilities that can be patched and risks that can be mitigated. Gaps in vulnerability scan coverage can result in assets that are unpatched or unmonitored. By scanning your network with runZero you can be sure that your asset inventory is complete and accurate, and with runZero’s integration with Rapid7 you can rapidly identify assets in your inventory that were missed by your vulnerability scans. With this information you are able to adjust your vulnerability scan policies and close gaps in coverage to improve your security posture and reduce risk.

Add context to Rapid7 results #

The best vulnerability management programs do not focus only on vulnerabilities detected on individual assets, but rather view vulnerability management and risk mitigation in the context of the broader security and IT perspectives. runZero’s unauthenticated network scanning capabilities provide a comprehensive asset inventory that adds context to vulnerability scan results gathered by Rapid7 InsightVM or Nexpose. By enriching your Rapid7 vulnerability scan results with runZero’s comprehensive asset inventory you can easily identify and prioritize vulnerabilities for remediation.

Expedite response to new vulnerabilities #

Time is of the essence when a new vulnerability is discovered, and runZero complements Rapid7’s vulnerability scanning capabilities to help you quickly identify impacted assets. runZero allows you to leverage extensive fingerprinting capabilities to find vulnerabilities that impact specific operating systems, hardware, or services. You are also able to query against vulnerability and asset details to quickly find impacted assets while preparing Rapid7 for a full analysis.

How it works

Step 1: Scan your network with runZero

Step 2: Connect with Rapid7

Step 3: Leverage the merged data to improve your vulnerability management program

Deploy runZero anywhere, on any platform, in minutes

Deploy the Explorer in your environment to enable network and asset discovery for runZero. The runZero platform scales across all types of environments, and works with VM, EDR, CMDB, MDM, and cloud solutions. After deploying runZero, just connect to Rapid7 and bring your vulnerability scan results into runZero to achieve better visibility of gaps in your scan coverage.

SaaS or self-hosted options

Active scanner, no credentials required

Safe to use in OT environments

No endpoint agents, endpoint logins, traffic captures, netflows, span ports, or network taps required

Powerful query language to filter your vulnerabilities with asset details and network context