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runZero & Amazon Web Services

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One inventory to rule them all #

Cloud computing has surged over the last decade, completely transforming how assets are deployed and where data is stored. Organizations around the world are keeping resources in the cloud, including components of their critical infrastructure and crown jewels. While the cloud has made creating and deploying assets easier than ever, this has presented unique challenges to the IT and security teams responsible for tracking, maintaining, and securing them. It’s no longer unusual for SMBs to have ten, fifty, or even one hundred thousand assets under their purview. Larger corporations have scaled their asset inventories into the millions, many of which exist in one cloud or another. Effective asset inventory management–including inventory consolidation and deduplication across hybrid and multicloud environments–is more important than ever.

Benefits #

  • Single source of truth for all assets
  • Consolidated inventory for all AWS accounts
  • Inventory consolidation across hybrid and multicloud environments
  • Correlated attributes from runZero scans and AWS

How runZero helps

Inventory your cloud assets

As cloud deployments are accelerating, organizations of all sizes are struggling to keep up with the security and visibility of their cloud assets. runZero makes consolidating and managing your asset inventory simple, while our comprehensive asset and network context allows you to be more informed about the assets you have in the cloud. runZero integrates with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help you identify and inventory your cloud assets, allowing you to manage one inventory across your hybrid or multicloud environment.

Consolidate your asset inventory

Unmanaged or unmonitored cloud assets are regularly compromised by attackers during highly publicized attacks. After all, you can’t protect what you can’t see. The AWS integration from runZero lets you quickly and easily sync your cloud inventory with the rest of your asset inventory, allowing you to query across all of your assets to identify problems or vulnerabilities. Scanning your AWS assets with runZero will merge the scan results with the AWS attributes, giving you one place to look when you need to understand the assets on your network.

How it works

Step 1: Scan your network

Step 2: Connect with Amazon Web Services

Step 3: See your AWS assets in one inventory

Deploy runZero anywhere, on any platform, in minutes

runZero scales across all types of environments, and works with EDR, VM, CMDB, MDM, and cloud solutions. Deploy the Explorer in your environment to enable network and asset discovery for runZero. Then, just connect to AWS to bring data into runZero, allowing you to sync and enrich your asset inventory

SaaS or self-hosted options

Active scanner, no credentials required

Safe to use in OT environments

No endpoint agents, endpoint logins, traffic captures, netflows, span ports, or network taps required

Powerful query language to get full asset details and network context