Discover your entire infrastructure

Most asset inventory solutions have gaps in what they can detect. runZero covers all of your bases, including managed and unmanaged devices, on-premises and cloud assets, IT and OT infrastructure, devices at work and at home. With runZero, you can discover devices you may not know you even had.

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Discover your entire infrastructure

“You can't protect what you can't see, so you need to be able to see your entire IT estate. With runZero, it's scary the amount of information it is able to get with unautheticated scanning.“

Jason Loveday | Information Security Manager | ACH Group

Key benefits

Discover assets and services–everywhere

Get quality data with unauthenticated scans

runZero’s secret sauce is its proprietary unauthenticated scanner, which safely elicits more information from devices than they should be giving up. In addition to accurate OS and service fingerprints, get attributes such as installed anti-malware products, secondary network interfaces, and Windows domain memberships.

Augment asset data via APIs

Once you have started with an active scan, augment your inventory with other sources through integrations. runZero ingests data from MDMs, EDR solutions such as CrowdStrike, and external perimeter scans such as Censys to round out your inventory. Integrate runZero with AWS, Microsoft Azure, and VMware to pull data from your cloud and virtualized environments.

Include fragile IT and OT devices

runZero has been designed without aggressive scan tactics that can destabilize some IT and OT devices. runZero’s proprietary scan technology only sends well-formed IP packets and does not use security probes. You can limit the number of packets per device and spread the workload across the entire IP range to scan without overloading individual devices. runZero regularly scans manufacturing, energy and healthcare environments without issues and delivers better visibility than with passive network monitoring.

Uncover unknown active subnets

Scan the entire internal address space (RFC 1918) overnight to get situational awareness of active subnets, then run a full audit scan. Spot any MAC addresses that are connected to your network devices but unreachable by your current explorers. Find hints of active subnets in the RFC 1918 map when devices leak secondary network interfaces.

Augment your CMDBs and SIEMs with better data

Build a common foundation for your asset inventory across the organization by feeding runZero data into CMDBs and SIEMs. Use runZero’s export APIs or out-of-the-box integrations with ServiceNow and Splunk.

How well do you know your assets?

Never wonder what an IP address is again. Explore and search your runZero inventory for answers about assets on your network.

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