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Solution providers are value added resellers and systems integrators with a focus on resell and implementation, leveraging runZero for unmatched asset visibility.

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Become certified to sell and market with runZero’s powerful discovery capabilities and integrations in your arsenal. Enable easy delivery of accurate asset information for your customers.


Become an expert on deploying and executing runZero software to maximize time-to-value for your customers. With access to training and certifications, you’ll be able to quickly integrate runZero with customer tech stacks and help them realize their goals faster.


runZero works alongside existing security and IT tools, and offers integrations with popular VMs, EDRs, MDMs, and cloud solutions. Get technical certifications to integrate with CMDBs and SIEMs now.

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Join the runZero Infinity Partner Program today. Our partnership will deliver the best-in-class asset inventory and network visibility solution for your customers.

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For more information on how to take full advantage of your runZero partnership, contact us at You can also log in to your Partner Portal for details and support.

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