Managing asset ownership


runZero is able to help you track asset ownership with the ability to configure types of owners and apply asset owners to your runZero assets.

Asset ownership types

Superusers can manage the available types of asset ownership on the Account > Ownership types page. Custom asset ownership types can be configured to meet your needs. Some common ownership types may include Security owner, IT owner, or Compliance owner.

The ownership type requires configuring three fields:

  • Name: the name of the asset ownership type
  • Reference: whether the asset ownership type should be correlated with the user inventory, group inventory, or neither
  • Visibility: whether the asset ownership type is visible through the asset inventory and asset details pages

The default asset ownership type, when visible, will be automatically populated with ownership-related data that runZero can glean from your configured integrations.

The list of asset ownership types can be prioritized by dragging the types into the preferred order. This will dictate the order in which the types are displayed in the asset inventory and asset details pages. Only types marked visible will be displayed.

Assigning asset owners

Once created, custom asset owners can be assigned via the asset inventory or through an alert rule.

Superusers, administrators, and users can add or modify asset owner values, and can remove owners from assets. Annotators can only add asset owner values to assets, but cannot modify or remove owners.

Ownership in the asset inventory

Follow these steps to assign asset owners through the asset inventory:

  1. Select all the assets you wish to update, applying a query filter if needed
  2. Click the Manage asset ownership button to open the asset ownership popup
  3. Click Add ownership type and choose which type(s) of owner you wish to apply to the selected assets
  4. Add the owner value to the field
  5. Click Save to apply your changes

Applying owners with rules

To automatically apply ownership values to assets after a scan, create an alert rule by going to Alerts > Rules and clicking the Create rule button:

  1. Select the asset-query-results rule type, then click Configure rule
  2. Configure any desired settings
  3. Set the Action to Modify asset
  4. Select an option from the Set asset ownership type menu
  5. Specify a value for the Set asset owner field
  6. Save the rule

This rule will now add the specified owner type and value to all assets that match the rule when a scan completes.