Explorer vs scanner

runZero Discovery Comparison

runZero provides two different ways to run active discovery on a given network. The Explorer used in most cases, but the scanner is built for offline environments. The differences between the Explorer and scanner are highlighted below.


Scanner Explorer
Summary runZero’s command-line scanner can perform network discovery without access to the internet. The scanner has the same options and similar performance characteristics to the Explorer. The runZero Explorer is a lightweight scan engine that enables network and asset discovery. After deployment, you can manage your Explorers from the Deploy page in your runZero web console.
Use cases Offline environment
Sneaker net
Event-based scans
Network diagnostic tool
Complex network (segmented)
Local discovery (Raspberry Pi/Laptop)
External scanning
Home network
OT networks
Interface CLI GUI
Management Local CLI GUI
Offline environments Supported Only with self-hosted
Console connectivity Not required Required
Limitations Subnet tagging not supported N/A
3rd party integrations Supported Supported
License Professional and Platform All editions
OS supported Windows, Linux, BSD variants, MacOS Windows, Linux, BSD variants, MacOS
Documentation Scanner Explorer