Our values serve as our compass, ensuring that we deliver for our customers, support each other, and take care of ourselves.

We are kind and fair #

  • We always assume good intentions.
  • We are kinder than necessary. It’s not always obvious what others are going through. We genuinely ask people how they are doing.
  • We work at sustainable levels. We take enough time off so that we can take care of ourselves, our loved ones, and our colleagues.
  • We hire based on attitude and aptitude and promote based on merit and company needs.
  • We are honest about the job that candidates are applying for. We compensate fairly.
  • We are fair and respectful to candidates we have to turn down or employees we let go.

We value transparency #

  • We provide transparency about decisions and the state of the business so everyone can make the right decisions autonomously.
  • We reward people who share information rather than hoard it.
  • If we turn a candidate down and we have helpful feedback, we offer to provide it.

We focus on our customers #

  • We make it easy to do business with us. We help customers discover the information they need to make a purchasing decision.
  • We only take deals that are mutually beneficial partnerships. We take an honest, consultative approach to selling. We don’t pressure customers into sales if runZero is the wrong solution.
  • We focus on customer needs rather than short-term trends and analyst reports.
  • Our free users are the engine of future corporate deals. We treat them with kindness and respect.

We make sound decisions #

  • We make data-driven decisions where data is readily available and meaningful but we don’t try to be perfect.
  • We seek diverse and dissenting opinions.
  • We make incremental improvements and frame them as experiments rather than decisions where possible.
  • The world is always changing. We plan for the long-term rather than for short-term gains.
  • We look out for genuine, long-term trends and embrace them rather than fight back.
  • We break conventional thinking. We cannot innovate if we only copy what other companies do. We question the reasons behind every status quo and new decision. Everybody is empowered to ask why.
  • We make fiscally responsible decisions.

We foster mindful growth #

  • We have a culture of learning. We cultivate personal and professional growth.
  • We empower everyone to give feedback, from the intern to the CEO, in all directions. We provide fair and concrete feedback with the goal of helping others improve.
  • We anticipate future challenges and address them early. We automate repetitive tasks to help us scale in the future.