Andrew Peterson

Founder and CEO of Signal Sciences

Ash Devata

Former Chief Product Officer of Duo Security

Chenxi Wang

Managing General Partner at Rain Capital

Chris Nickerson

Founder of LARES

Christian Kanja

Founder and CEO at glueckkanja-gab

Dan Nguyen-Huu

Partner, Decibel

David Eckstein

CFO of Menlo Security

David Schneider

Former President of ServiceNow

Felix Storm
Felix Storm

Partner and Technology Lead at glueckkanja-gab

Gordon Lyon

Founder of Nmap and Npcap

Haroon Meer

Founder/Researcher, Thinkst

Jack Naglieri

Founder and CEO of Panther Labs

Jim Cyb

Former CRO of Duo Security

Jon Oberheide

Co-founder and CTO, Duo Security

Jon Sakoda

Founding Partner, Decibel

Michael Sutton

Founder, StoneMill Ventures

Nir Polak

Co-Founder and Executive Chairman Exabeam

Oliver Friedrichs

Entrepreneur, investor, board member, advisor

Paul DiMarzo

Former CFO of Duo Security

Rishi Bhargava

VP, Product Strategy, Palo Alto Networks

Slavik Markovich

SVP Products, Demisto, Palo Alto Networks