Finding Confluence servers (again) with runZero

(updated ), by Pearce Barry

An actively exploited zero-day has surfaced in popular wiki software Confluence. Deemed “critical” in severity, this vulnerability affects all supported versions of Confluence Server and Confluence Data Center, and also older, unsupported versions (i.e. everything after version 1.3.0). Hosted instances within Atlassian Cloud are reportedly protected from exploitation.

What is the impact?

Upon successful exploitation via OGNL template injection, this vulnerability (tracked as CVE-2022-26134) can provide unauthenticated remote code execution (RCE) to an attacker. Cybersecurity firm Volexity discovered the vulnerability while performing incident response, and noted, confirmed, and disclosed the actively exploited attack vector to Atlassian.

Are updates available?

Atlassian has made fixes available for a number of versions and strongly encourages admins to update. If patching in the near term isn’t viable, mitigation strategies to limit exploitation opportunities are also provided. CISA has added this zero-day to its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog, with advice to block internet access to affected Confluence products.

How do I find potentially vulnerable Confluence instances with runZero?

From the Service Inventory, use the following pre-built query to locate assets running Confluence within your network which may need remediation or mitigation:

product:confluence OR (_asset.protocol:http AND protocol:http AND has:http.head.xConfluenceRequestTime)
Confluence prebuilt query is available in the Queries Library

As always, any prebuilt queries we create are available from our Queries Library. Check out the library for other useful inventory queries.

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