Finding Cisco Small Business Switches

, by Rob King

Cisco recently disclosed several highly critical vulnerabilities that affect some of their Ethernet switches designed for small businesses. With a CVSSv3 score of 9.8, these vulnerabilities (assigned CVE-2023-20024, CVE-2023-20156, and CVE-2023-20157) are due to various faults in the handling of input to the web-based management interface of these switches. Successfully exploiting one of these vulnerabilities would allow an attacker to create a denial-of-service condition or execute arbitrary code with root privileges.

Along with this disclosure, Cisco announced updated software to address these issues. However, several of the affected models are past their End-of-Life (EOL) dates and no software updates have been released for them. Users are advised to update the software on affected systems as soon as possible and if updates for their devices are available.

Finding affected devices using runZero

You can locate Cisco switches in your organization by visiting the Asset Inventory and using the following pre-built query:

hw:"Cisco" and type:"switch"

You can also limit your search to only the affected product families, using the following pre-built query:

hw:"Cisco" and type:"switch" and (snmp.modelNames:"CBS" or snmp.modelNames:"SF2" or snmp.modelNames:"SG2" or snmp.modelNames:"SF3" or snmp.modelNames:"SG3" or snmp.modelNames:"SF5" or snmp.modelNames:"SG5")

As always, any prebuilt queries we create are available from our Queries Library. Check out the library for other useful inventory queries.

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