Employee spotlight: Christian Colon

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Rumble, Inc. is now runZero!

Rumble Network Discovery is now runZero!

Meet Christian Colon, Mid-Market AE Team Lead at runZero Network Discovery

“From day one, our employees are already coming in with something to add to our overall culture. We all get a chance to voice our opinion and our leadership makes us feel heard, “ said Christian Colon who is the Mid-Market Account Executive Team Lead at runZero Network Discovery.

Christian has been at runZero since August 2021. He focuses on bringing in new revenue streams by communicating with prospective clients and facilitating demonstrations with the Solutions Architecture team. As a team lead, he provides aid and guidance to other Mid-Market Account Executives when needed.

Christian studied Biology at the University of Massachusetts in Boston, but ended up on a different career path. “I started my career as a marketing specialist, moving into account management shortly after. I found out quickly that I really enjoyed the initial part of the process–meeting new people, talking about their current situations and problems, and setting a plan to improve it. I took a look at what other career paths were more in line with that part of the process and decided to pivot into sales. First, as a business development representative (BDR) for a couple of years, until I eventually grew into a closing role as an account executive (AE),” Christian said.

Some advice from Christian about becoming an account executive, “I would say to take a step back and consider why you would want to become an AE in the first place. If money is the main reason, there’s nothing wrong with that, but the work will be much more fulfilling and far less stressful if you’re genuinely looking to help solve some real world problems. The financial piece will just be the cherry on top.”

Christian Colon


What’s one thing you want to do in the next year, personally or professionally?

I’m looking forward to traveling to Europe later in the year. I haven’t had the chance to travel somewhere far in a long time and Europe has always been on my list.

What have you always wanted to try, but haven’t been able to?

I’ve always wanted to go skydiving. The problem is nobody seems to be strong enough to drag me into the airplane.

What’s the last show you watched?

I watched Top Chef on Hulu. I’m a huge foodie.

What’s your favorite food?

As a Puerto Rican, Mofongo holds a special place in my heart. Especially when filled with skirt steak.

Coffee, tea or hot chocolate?

My family owns a coffee shop in Puerto Rico (PR) so I’m going to have to go with coffee.

What is your opinion of pineapple on pizza?

I’d say do whatever makes you happy… Just kidding, please keep the pineapples away from pizza!

Did you have any COVID goals?

Yes! I decided to learn how to invest in stocks and crypto. I actually did pretty well before I got out.

What is your ideal vacation younger vs now?

Younger- As a kid I really enjoyed traveling from PR to Boston to visit my family. We’d usually go to a water park with the entire family and then have a huge lobster bake.

Now- Today, I enjoy the peace and quiet of sitting on a beach under the sun with a cold drink.

Why runZero?

“[runZero] gave me the opportunity to take the next step in my career as an AE. It was a chance to learn and grow alongside some great leaders and wonderful people.“ Christian said.

One of the benefits that Christian likes is being able to work remotely. This gives him more time to work on his Star Wars Lego sets and not commuting or sitting in traffic. He also appreciates his colleagues for being so welcoming, open-minded, and always willing to help.

The runZero values that Christian identifies the most with are “we value transparency” and “we are kind and fair”. “I really appreciate the openness that is encouraged here at [runZero]. It allows me to go out there and make mistakes every now and then. That is where the real learning happens. There is always, always someone willing to lend a helping hand and steer me in the right direction without any judgment,” Christian said.

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